Trigger Mods for your Glock?

After getting pretty comfortable with my Tru-Dot sights I began to notice a problem showing up in my precision/longer range pistol shots- take a look for yourself: low and left is the theme on center mass and the smaller precision targets.

Initial analysis points to trigger jerk- sometimes when I dry fire I can even see the muzzle dip as I head into trigger break both in my carry pistol and my competition pistol. But nearly any measure these hits are combat-effective. However my goal is to put every shot in a scoring spot, and since I'm aiming at the center of each target this could be improved. What to do at this point? Crowdsource some knowledge of course…

I found plenty of advice suggesting a trigger mod- ranging from simply polishing the existing components to a lighter trigger bar to drop-in kits (my personal favorite) or sets including changing lots of springs.

So why not fix this by adding a trigger kit or mod? This sounds like a good approach and I love my match trigger rifle…but there are two serious risks incurred by fooling with aftermarket trigger parts:

– Attorneys love terms like custom, performance, enhanced, and have a way of making all of them sound like 'intent to shoot someone' to a jury or a judge. Neither is good for you no matter how justified your DGU was.

– Aftermarket parts are not required to be up to OEM specs- and those items tend to have a knack for failing at the worst possible times.

Finally I ran across a brilliant Glock-specific suggestion by someone: adjust trigger finger position to getting more finger on the trigger. This was his remedy for shots grouping low and left. Dry fire practice with this change to my finger placement has been astounding- at varying speeds of aim and trigger pull I have not witnessed a single front sight dip. Free advice and no armorers skills required!

This makes lots of sense: the 1911-era techniques were developed for a heavier pistol with a very crisp trigger pull. I am writing this article in 2013– thats only 102 years later for the mathematically challenged. Technology has changed since 1911- the Glock is a different type of action and has a different trigger, why force operational techniques from a century ago onto it?

Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks this way. According to the US Army Marksmanship Guide:

Correct Placement of the Index Finger on the Trigger. (a) With Joint of Index Finger. (b) With First Bone Section of Index Finger .

To get results like the ones pictured above I had been using only the very top tip of my finger on the trigger. Using the diagram as a reference I am now pressing the trigger a little lower than position (b). It feels like exactly what I'm looking for…but I will let you know how this works with my speed drills and even give position (a) a try if I see further problems.


1 thought on “Trigger Mods for your Glock?

  1. k4R-15 Post author

    Update: after switching to finger position A depicted above my groups have drastically improved- everything is centered on the target now instead of drifting towards 7:00.


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