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Nokia 3310 vs M82A1

The Tech Assassin's videos are a great reminder to put a degree of fun into your hobbies. This one has a mini-commercial for the sponsor but there is significant reward around 2:30

The armor-piercing incendiary .50 round footage is tremendous…I wonder if a projectile like that could work in my BLK…

Defensive Training Tip: Practice from inside a vehicle

The video above illustrates some of the dynamics you should consider about how to react if you need to defend yourself from inside a vehicle. The clip is from TTAGs Nick Leghorn at Gunsite- So you know it's reputable technique.

Look at how constrained the draw and fire motions are- without practice this will be far from intuitive for me. While you may not be able to practice live fire from your vehicle and don't have a 'shoot car' handy like the Gunsite Academy this can still be practiced with an unloaded weapon – just make sure that you:

  • Always triple-check your carry piece to be sure its unloaded
  • Are not out in public view (in the garage with door closed perhaps or in a secluded area)
  • Practice with drivers window open and closed– if that's how you tend to drive

Indestructible Training recently ran a car-based IDPA stage and noted the awkwardness he observed among many of the people on his squad. There is an easy remedy for this – practice it until you get comfortable and confident. How much time do you spend in your car every week?

Criminals are crafty- they will seek out times and places where you are in more compromised positions to attack- like when you're in a vehicle as that constrains your movement possibilities. If that sounds unreasonable to you watch this clip : not only does it showcase the critical importance of situational awareness (watch the bad guys creep past and stop around the corner) and how quickly this successful DGU occurs.



This is why the carbine ‘magwell grip’ is not ideal

In the video above Travis Haley demonstrates a couple carbine handgrip positions and fires splits with each. Watch how wobbly the rifle is with the magwell grip- thats not for me.

Look at the C-Clamp grip illustrated below. The support hand forms a “C” with the thumb on top of the handguard and as far forward as you can safely place it. Now lean into the gun- aggressive stance- you will find that you can get rounds on target faster and keep the muzzle down more effectively. No more wobble!!


IDPA drill: target transitions

This is a nice video covering target transition tips. The key here is to start with the nearest and leftmost target- nearest because it is the threat with the closest proximity and leftmost because the gun will move up and to the right as every shot breaks. Work with the momentum of the gun and your technique will be smoother- in this case aiding in smooth transition from left to right target engagement.

Defensive Training Tip: practice mag dumps

millerusaf does some good things in the video above. This video is a bit unpolished but its short and to the point. Let's review the good and the bad elements of this video. The good things Miller is reinforcing include:

  • Once you engage a threat it's up to you to end the fight- that means responding with overwhelming force. You may not need to dump the mag (it depends on what you're carrying) but the only reason you should stop shooting is if the threat is down.
  • I enjoy training for double taps, Mozambique (failure drill), etc…. but none of that matters in a true defensive situation. Shoot center mass and even in the extremely unlikely case where a threat is wearing body armor you will bring them to their knees (broken ribs, hard to breathe, etc.)
  • He is backing up as he fires (Get off the X!)- adding distance between him and the threat which increases his tactical advantage
  • Superb mechanical skills here- what muzzle rise? Note how his shoulders are shrugged forward to really press down on the pistol. Also he has a smooth and speedy cadence to his shots.

A few things that would improve this drill:

  • Where was the search and assess?
  • Firing to slide lock, he better get on that reload
  • Reholster. Train to reholster once the threat is neutralized and you don't identify additional threats in the vicinity
  • Please Please Please fix the typo!! It really hurts this video imho


Joe Biden Projectile Test

Joe Biden wishes all bullets were made of chocolate.



What difference does THAT make?

300 BLK Subsonic Expanders

The gel block footage is so cool- these are some serious expanding projectiles if subsonic is your thing….


Party Rocker Furbies vs. Barrett M82A1

Another reason to own a .50 rifle…although this doesn't have anything on the peeps ediiton.

Myth Debunked: Guns in the Home are Likely to be Used in Suicides

Facts, not feelings. That's what you can expect at kR-15.com. Today let's review the facts about the latest lie about guns being circulated by the enemies of Liberty.

Lee Schneider blubbers on in The Huff with misguided rhetoric claiming that guns in the home equate to general misery and suicide. Never mind that privately owned firearms prevent crimes at least 2.5 million times each year. I wish Lee Schneider could explain how 2.5 million more crimes against law-abiding citizens every year would create a nation with less misery and suicide.

Another liar, Connecticut Governor Daniel Malloy, claims that “There’s a reality that 19,000 people are going to commit suicide because there’s a gun in their house”

Despite their claims that they want to help Americans the facts show that Lee Schneider and Governor Daniel Malloy actually are advocating policies that will increase crimes and suicides in The United States.


300BLK Destroys a Pork Shoulder

Larry Vickers offers a great demonstration in this video. You get high-speed camera footage of 3 popular modern sporting calibers in a side-by-side comparison. As they demolish pork shoulders.

Although there are questions about the different points of impact the results showcase the ballistic superiority of the 300 Blackout.

Did I mention that the BLK also runs subsonic and supersonic rounds with or without a can and without adjusting the gas system?