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Talking Turkey about Gun Control

This Thanksgiving, Bloomberg’s MAIG wants Americans who hate freedom to pick fights at the dinner table by feeding them a list of talking points to bring to the dinner table. The interwebs are flooded with a bunch of agitprop like this:

This won’t fly at the Fifteen’s dinner table because breakfast in this family typically looks like this:

 Would you forgo the turkey at your Thanksgiving dinner in favor of tofu? Same here. In that same spirit let’s make sure that the low-character MAIG members enjoy a side of Documented Truth to debunk their so-called “Myth”s. It’s poorly written dribble but here are clarifications to the arguement in each MAIG Myth/Truth agitprop pair:

MAIG Myth#1: We don’t need more gun laws, we just need to enforce the laws already on the books

Bloomberg claims that 40% of firearm sales occur without background checks. FACT: Likely less than 5% of sales are done without background checks.

MAIG Myth#2: The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Here the enemies of Liberty falsely claim that the proliferation of firearms across America has led to the highest murder rate in the developed world. Never mind the fact that 2.5 million Americans successfully use firearms to defend themselves from violent criminals each year.  The right to defend yourself notwithstanding, adding limitations to firearms won’t do anything to stop murder rates in the US. FACT: Handgun crime has doubled in Britain since their ban and violent crime in both Britan and Australia has increased since they banned firearms.

MAIG Myth#3: New gun laws are unconstitutional.

Agreed- however limitations need to be reasonable and policies must be effective and enforceable. Eric Holder’s DOJ memo states very clearly that a national gun registry will be required to make any new gun control laws effective. So what’s the endgame here- universal gun registration

MAIG Myth#4: Criminals don’t follow the law, so expanding background checks will only affect law-abiding citizens.

This is one of the most laughable talking points in the list – MAIG claims that background check laws should be expanded because “since 1998 the system has blocked gun sales to over 2 million people”.  If these people were actually dangerous criminals, then please explain why 0.055% of failed background checks in 2012 were prosecuted

MAIG Myth#5: Gun violence isn’t a gun issue- it’s a mental health issue.

Another emotional ploy to refocus the arguement on guns. Because guns. Only a fool would think that there is not a link between mental health and the recent rash of spree killings. However the MAIG talking point is to reiterate his claim about the US and its murder rates. To put this in perspective take a look at murder rates across the world and look where the US fits in

Before we leave this topic though let’s look at the detail behind this problem with murder rates in the US- where exactly are the highest murder rates in Amercia?  Why yes- cities with the most strict gun control laws also suffer from the highest per capita murder rates in the nation. 

Whew! All that debunking sure works up an appetite. I’m headed for the dinner table. 

Considerations for Self-Defense in your Home

Typically I take what Rob Pincus says as the last word when it comes to personal defense skills. This video has excellent content but I must dissent on a few of his points. Watch the video and make the jump for my breakdown of Rob’s 5 Fundamentals.

Don’t get me wrong- Rob is giving us pretty sound advice here. It’s important to think through and rehearse your responses to threats -this sharpens the Orient phase of your OODA loop– but as they say on boxing “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” 

Keeping this in mind it’s important to think through your own choices and actions because every situation is different. Here is a recap of Rob’s 5 Fundamentals and my comments on each:

Fundamental 1: Evade

  • While I agree that whenever you have a choice to evade that is the best option, be sure to have a plan for what you will do if you reach the back door and a second bad guy is kicking that door in. Unfortunately this is an increasingly common home invasion tactic and warrants some consideration

Fundamental 2: Barricade

  • Agreed on this point- and you should practice this one with your family to help with coordination if the need arises to barricade 
  • Hopefully you don’t end up barricaded and wishing you had your firearm- read on for more on how to avoid this
  • Definitely call the Police ASAP – ideally someone who is not the armed defender should do this

Fundamental 3: Arm

  • This should be the first fundamental on the list as far as I’m concerned. Home Carry. This will eliminate the possibility of being barricaded and wishing you had your gun. This will give you another option if you choose to evade and encounter another bad guy at the back door. As Costa and Haley said in the Magpul Dynamics series, “things go bad at 300 mph.” Don’t plan to be able to retrieve your gun from a safe in an emergency- odds are slim that you will succeed
  • Your tactical flashlight (yes you need one if you don’t already have one) is another defensive weapon you should have in your barricade location- the firearm is king here but a blinding light never hurts

Fundamental 4: Communicate

  • This is another tactic that is up to each individual’s choice and the situation. Find out what your local laws stipulate – if you announce that you’re armed and disclose your location it could become a problem for you as Rob says. 
  • The element of surprise is also something you may not want to give up- you know your home and all the little sounds that indicate someone coming your way. Maybe you will want to conceal your presence until you have to take action to defend yourself
  • For me calling 911 is part of the communicate activities too (if there has not yet been an opportunity to do so)

Fundamental 5: Respond

  • This part is what most of us train for most of the time. Be able to operate your defensive firearm at a high level. Practice on a regular basis. Always remember that the stress of a life-threatening situation will degrade your skills by 40%. Is 60% of your best day enough to stop a threat? Are you using cover? If no cover is available are you using concealment? How fast can you get rounds on target in that A Zone? 
  • Hopefully it never comes to this point for anyone. Unfortunately for some people it does. Let’s all take responsibility for ourselves and make sure we are as prepared as possible to be smart and decisive if a bad situation develops.

How will you respond to a home invasion?

Recently I ran across Jarhead6 on YouTube- this video got me thinking:

Here are the key points he makes fortified with vitamins, minerals and my own commentary:

  • Have a plan and have a contingency plan- make sure you and your loved ones all know how to respond if an intruder is in the house. Also have a plan for what happens if you are injured. Walk through the plan together until everyone gets it right.
  • Always have a phone within reach- the 911 call record will definitely help you in court, but also know your local laws. This should be part of your plan- who is the designated 911 caller?
  • Having a first aid kit is important but it's crucial that each of your first aid kits include at least one quickclot – this technology has saved many lives around the world in both civilian and military applications. Bleeding out is one of the biggest risks of a knife or gunshot wound. You also may want to learn how to treat a wound while you're at it.
  • Have an appropriate home defense weapon and appropriate ammo in the weapon. Frangible rounds can easily penetrate the walls of a home, regardless of what the person selling that ammo will tell you. Understanding overpenetration and knowing what lies beyond your target in a home defense situation must be addressed before you're actually defending your home.
  • Once you choose your home defense weapon (note that it does NOT have to be a shotty even though many people like them) keep it ready to go- if you have to use it you won't want to have to do anything extra like rack a pump or a slide to chamber a round. That could make the difference between success or failure in defending your loved ones and your property because when things go wrong, they go wrong fast.


Learnings from the Westgate Mall tragedy

The terrorist attack on the Westgate Mall in Kenya was a horrific tragedy. What can we learn from this and what can we rehearse/ train for to help us out in the unlikely but sadly I fear inevitable case that this happens in the US? One thing people SHOULD learn is how much help a good guy with a gun can be…but this article is about how to apply a tactical mindset to survive a horrific event like this.

  • Get off the X. Move your self and your companions right away! Your priorities should be to find cover or concealment as quickly as possible- react and think on the move. Cover is always preferred but if you have to conceal yourselves and then assess a path to cover it's better than nothing.
  • Drawing your weapon is up to you (you are carrying, aren't you??). While your instinct may be to break leather, the moment that happens you risk positively identifying yourself as a threat to the bad guys. Be certain before you draw. And if you do have to use your sidearm remember to reholster.
  • One thing you may not realize about shopping malls- many stores have a back room that leads to a back door typically used for deliveries. At a minimum these are good places to get out of sight and it just might pay off as a way to discretely exit the building to safety.
  • Avoid the Fatal Funnel: don't take doorways for granted- ever.
  • Observe-Orient-Decide-Act. This is a critical mindset- effectively processing information about your environment could make all the difference between getting yourself and your loved ones out an exit or running your group into a dead-end (hopefully not a literal one).

You may have to assess the threat or threats to choose an appropriate course of action. Is this the typical lone gunman type or have you observed evidence of a coordinated team of attackers? That answer could weigh heavily on your decision: in many cases there may be opportunities to confront a 'lone gunman' type of attacker and stop them. It's always important to keep Cooper's Laws of safety in mind though- for example what's behind your target?

As with most things, practice can make execution of these techniques much more effective in the unfortunate event they are required. Rehearse as much as you can- take the family to the mall and walk everyone through some scenarios. Also be sure to ask your loved ones questions to ensure they are applying the mindset and prioritization of how to react.

7 Facts about Gun Violence

56% of Americans think that gun crime is up despite the fact that it has plummeted since the 1990s. Nice graphic, NSSF…


Let’s put “Gun Violence” in perspective

I can't add much to this one- although I wish the bottom segment was closer to the top- about 200,000 women use guns to protect themselves from sexual abuse every single year. How is gun control going to address that?


Proof that More Guns= Less Crime

Gun Control advocates keep offering us Civilian Disarmament as a solution that will help prevent crime. There are a few little problems with this flawed progressive socialist logic though- I like to call them FACTS:

Those pesky facts sure are inconvenient. Maybe that's why this gun control messaging guide advises gun control advocates to win “by avoiding a fact based conversation and instead injecting their own emotional argument and hoping that you don’t fight back.”


Registration Ends Up as Confiscation: Chicago ediiton

Well that didn't take long. Chicago continues its assault on Liberty by confiscating guns from Cook County homes where FOID permit orders have been deemed 'void' or 'revoked'.

In February, (Cook County Sheriff) Dart assigned a sergeant and four investigators to a gun team that has recovered about 160 FOID cards and taken more than 160 guns from the cardholders.

The next time you hear any politician claiming that 'No One is Coming for your Guns' don't believe it. The facts are clear- there is a concerted effort to expand registration and propagate the California 4-Step model across America:

  1. register all the weapons
  2. pass laws to make some of the weapons illegal
  3. confiscate new illegal items
  4. repeat


Executive Order Update: $4.5 Billion Later…

Many may recall President Obama's Executive Orders issued in January 2013 with a goal of progressing America toward Civilian Disarmament. 21 of the 23 EOs have either been implemented or have begun implementation. Don't worry about the fact that these 23 little gems are projected to cost American taxpayers over $4.5 Billion. Instead let's focus on Executive Order 14: Issue a Presidential Memorandum directing the Centers for Disease Control to research the causes and prevention of gun violence.

Dont confuse this with the DOJ memo released in January 2013 that highlights the ineffectiveness of gun control on crime (Doh!) – we are talking about the new, focused report sanctioned in the knee jerk frenzy of reaction to the tragedy in Newton, CT. So what does the CDC have to say about this so-called 'epidemic' of gun violence?

Don't expect to hear much about this study from the White House- the CDC returned facts, not feelings. The report , titled, Priorities for Research to Reduce the Threat of Firearm-related Violence, reveals the following:

  1. Suicides, not violent encounters with guns, represent over 60% of all gun related deaths. Take the suicides out of the statistical analysis and the US has one of the lowest per capita death by guns statistics in the world (page 13).
  2. Those using a gun to defend themselves have consistently and significantly LOWER injures in violent encounters than those without a gun to defend themselves (page 16).
  3. Defensive use of guns are at least as common as offensive uses by criminals, with estimates of citizens using guns to defend themselves more than 3 million times per year!(page 15)
  4. Overall, gun related deaths are declining, during the same period that gun ownership has soared (page 26)

Don't me wrong- there is plenty of doubletalk in this report- dancing around the mental health issue of course. Stick to the Facts in this debate- and the next time you hear some misinformed gun grabber say, “If there's even one step we can take to save another child…” don't politely nod your head or quietly accept this rediculous arguement- take some advice from Dr. Ingatious Piazza and demand an answer to this question: “Why are you asking the American people to sacrifice 3 million responsible citizens EVERY YEAR to save one child?”


Call your Senator Today- Stop Harry Reid from Changing the Rules

Senator Reid wants to change the Senate rules to stop any further filibusters. The problem is that rule changes can't be proposed or voted on after the beginning of each 2 year Congressional session (the current session started last January).

This would pave the way for Reid, Feinstein and the rest of the freedom-haters to bully legislation through the Senate. Reid recently vowed to bring back the Universal Background Check Gun Registration bill and if we don't speak up this could be launchpad he needs to get started. The GoA has lots of detail on this if you would like to read more.

Call your Senator today and ask them to Oppose Sen. Harry Reid's attempt to change Senate rules after the session has begun: 202-224-3121 or 1-866-937-5062 are switchboard numbers.

If you can, also contact Senate Swing Voters Who Are Up For Re-election in 2014:

Max Baucus (D-MT) (202) 224-2651

Mark Begich (D-AK) (202) 224-3004

Susan M. Collins (R-ME) (202) 224-2523

Kay R. Hagan (D-NC) (202) 224-6342

Tim Johnson (D-SD) (202) 224-5842

Mary L. Landrieu (D-LA) (202) 224-5824

Mark L. Pryor (D-AR) (202) 224-2353

Mark Udall (D-CO) (202) 224-5941

Tom Udall (D-NM) (202) 224-6621

Mark R. Warner (D-VA) (202) 224-2023