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Talking Turkey about Gun Control

This Thanksgiving, Bloomberg’s MAIG wants Americans who hate freedom to pick fights at the dinner table by feeding them a list of talking points to bring to the dinner table. The interwebs are flooded with a bunch of agitprop like this:

This won’t fly at the Fifteen’s dinner table because breakfast in this family typically looks like this:

 Would you forgo the turkey at your Thanksgiving dinner in favor of tofu? Same here. In that same spirit let’s make sure that the low-character MAIG members enjoy a side of Documented Truth to debunk their so-called “Myth”s. It’s poorly written dribble but here are clarifications to the arguement in each MAIG Myth/Truth agitprop pair:

MAIG Myth#1: We don’t need more gun laws, we just need to enforce the laws already on the books

Bloomberg claims that 40% of firearm sales occur without background checks. FACT: Likely less than 5% of sales are done without background checks.

MAIG Myth#2: The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Here the enemies of Liberty falsely claim that the proliferation of firearms across America has led to the highest murder rate in the developed world. Never mind the fact that 2.5 million Americans successfully use firearms to defend themselves from violent criminals each year.  The right to defend yourself notwithstanding, adding limitations to firearms won’t do anything to stop murder rates in the US. FACT: Handgun crime has doubled in Britain since their ban and violent crime in both Britan and Australia has increased since they banned firearms.

MAIG Myth#3: New gun laws are unconstitutional.

Agreed- however limitations need to be reasonable and policies must be effective and enforceable. Eric Holder’s DOJ memo states very clearly that a national gun registry will be required to make any new gun control laws effective. So what’s the endgame here- universal gun registration

MAIG Myth#4: Criminals don’t follow the law, so expanding background checks will only affect law-abiding citizens.

This is one of the most laughable talking points in the list – MAIG claims that background check laws should be expanded because “since 1998 the system has blocked gun sales to over 2 million people”.  If these people were actually dangerous criminals, then please explain why 0.055% of failed background checks in 2012 were prosecuted

MAIG Myth#5: Gun violence isn’t a gun issue- it’s a mental health issue.

Another emotional ploy to refocus the arguement on guns. Because guns. Only a fool would think that there is not a link between mental health and the recent rash of spree killings. However the MAIG talking point is to reiterate his claim about the US and its murder rates. To put this in perspective take a look at murder rates across the world and look where the US fits in

Before we leave this topic though let’s look at the detail behind this problem with murder rates in the US- where exactly are the highest murder rates in Amercia?  Why yes- cities with the most strict gun control laws also suffer from the highest per capita murder rates in the nation. 

Whew! All that debunking sure works up an appetite. I’m headed for the dinner table. 

Recent Shootings Underscore the Flawed Logic of Gun Control 

Los Angeles, CA. Paramus, NJ. Washington, D.C. Three areas with the strictest gun control laws in the U.S.- CA and NJ are 1 and 2 on the Brady Campaign Disarmamenet scorecard. Despite the incredibly strict laws in those places, three very high-profile shootings recently occurred in these areas. 

But how could that be possible? The goal of all those gun control laws is to make America safer, isn’t it? The typical rants from the Civilan Disaramament Industrial complex dwell on a few core ideas. One of these ideas is that America’s murder rates could be quelled by enacting stronger gun control laws. The problem with this line of thinking is that it’s simply not true. It may not be obvious because the Journolists (mainstream media)have been very good at bombarding the airwaves with a steady stream of ‘news’ to make it seem like there is an epidemic of mass shootings underfoot across the US. So please explain the facts outlined in this chart (homicide rates per 1000 people, source: FBI.gov ):

There has been and continues to be a steady decline in the homicide rate per 1000 people in the United States. Note that during the Clinton A-Word Ban homicide increased but again decreased drastically after that legislation expired. 

Still not convinced? Let’s use the Massachusetts case for gun control as another example. In 1998 MA passed the strictest package of gun control laws on record at that time. Among other hardships imposed on law-abiding citizens it included:

…banned semiautomatic “assault” weapons, imposed strict new licensing rules, prohibited anyone convicted of a violent crime or drug trafficking from ever carrying or owning a gun, and enacted severe penalties for storing guns unlocked. …One of the state’s leading anti-gun activists, John Rosenthal of Stop Handgun Violence, joined the applause. “The new gun law,” he predicted, “will certainly prevent future gun violence and countless grief.” It didn’t.

Legal gun ownership in MA plummeted from 1.5 million in 1998 to just 200,000 in 2002. This must be a great success- MA must be one of the safest states in the union nowadays- right? Unfortunately the result of these laws in MA has been sharp increases in homicide by firearm:

This graph is the opposite of the trend the first chart shows. Lots of sources exist for this data. Gun control emboldens criminals because they can be confident that they can commit a crime and the only firearm present will be the one the criminal has. That’s correct- criminals don’t care about laws! Even gun control laws that promise to make America safe. 

Of course the Civilian Disarmament Industrial complex has an answer for these inconvenient facts: outlaw all firearms in America. The problem is that other states won’t follow suit. If that’s a factual solution then why aren’t homicide rates or crime at all on the rise in states that border MA? This approach has also been attempted in much of Europe. Look at the results in countries where handguns are banned vs their neighboring nations:

Unalienable Rights Never Get Outdated

MCN responds to the recent Civilian Disarmament meme to make the rounds through the Journolist : the notion that any part of The Bill of Rights is outdated.

Speaking of the Journolist, let's dispel another lie they continue to perpetuate:

According to the Pew Research Center, gun violence continues to plummet. Gun violence is down 49% since 1993 yet the public is unaware.


Facts, not Feelings

Billy Johnson recently joined the NRA News commentators group. Billy is pretty brainy and I encourage everyone to check out his YouTube channel- he covers many topics and is nobody's shill (unlike Shannon Watts).

Billy gets right to the point when he illustrates the vast discrepancy between problems that truly plague America but just aren't convenient enough to exploit for noble causes like Civilian Disarmament.

Angry with Starbucks? Watch this first

MAC does a tremendous job advising 2A supporters on how to handle the Starbucks “gun policy change” you know, the one they made public and also instructed employees to NOT enforce.

Once again I ask all supporters of the 2A to work very hard at thinking about how their actions are viewed by others. The enemies of Liberty are working very hard to convince the public that all gun owners are nut jobs that should not be trusted with firearms. Provoking the public only plays into that MSM narrative- so what does it accomplish?


What to make of the Starbucks non-ban ban

I have been conflicted over how to react to the Starbucks request that customers not bring firearms into their stores and also curious to see how others view the situation.

  • The Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex is gloating over their “victory” – despite the fact that Starbucks will not enforce this anti-gun request by posting signs on their doors.
  • Many 2A supporters have sworn to boycott the coffee siren
  • Still other 2A supporters are criticizing open carry advocates for provoking Starbucks into this situation
MCN makes some valid points- one of which leads to a summary of my feelings on this:
  • While I typically do not Open Carry I do recognize it as an unalienable right recognized by The Constitution
  • I also don't like to provoke the public into fear and in today's environment open carry can drive a lot of neutral parties away from the pro-2A side of this debate
  • For that reason I choose to continue to carry concealed. I support other law abiding citizens right to open carry. I would ask anyone who intends to open carry to make a political statement to carefully consider the outcomes of that activity- will it remind neutral voters that the 2A is a natural right or will it frighten those people and remind them to vote for an Anti 2A candidate?


In case you already forgot

MCN would like to remind us about a topic that a certain POTUS just won't leave in the past. It was shameful to see his knee-jerk response to the tragic events at the DC Navy Yard this week and instant pandering for Civilian Disarmament.

To set the record straight on the DC Navy Yard:

Here is a trifecta of facts to back up Mr. Noir:

Universal Background Checks won't prevent crimes – including the tragic shooting at the DC Navy Yard.

Gun free zones are chosen by mass murderers more than 2/3 of the time.

For every shooting victim in the the US there are twice as many people in the who die from unintentional falls.


Hollywood isn’t doing us any favors

MCN takes Sarah Silverman to task on her NRA-bashing with the sort of class you can expect:
Hollywood is not helping out the 2A with its wholly fictional portrayal of firearms in TV and film. The problem is that there are many low-information voters out there who actually do believe what they see on TV and in the movies. The falsehoods perpetuated by Hollywood are used by the Civilian Disarmament industrial complex to manipulate people into cheerfully surrendering Americans' inalienable rights- whether those applauding it exercise one rights or not.
A few of my pet peeves about the portrayal of firearms in entertainment include:
  • Firearms that never need a reload. Many people have irrational fears of firearms because they see actors discharge firearms for half a movie without ever reloading. This is a big reason for the myth of the high-capacity standard capacity magazine. Count the shots off next time you see a Hollywood firearm in action- it's astounding.
  • Full Auto is even more magical. Machine guns are not magical death machines. Far too often Hollywood depicts full auto weapons firing even more endlessly than semi-automatic weapons. A typical full auto firearm expends a standard magazine (30-50 rounds) in 2-4 seconds. That's it, then it needs a reload. Not to mention the complexities of muzzle climb or the tremendous amount of heat generated by a full auto burst.
  • Incomprehensible accuracy. Effective accuracy while moving is a difficult skill to learn and master, much less execute under fire. Yet we see throngs of actors effortlessly run through fatal funnels and shoot one handed, all the while dropping bad guys with single hits. This is pure fiction- and it makes the uninformed believe that a one with a gun is an instant Rambo.

Colorado should Only be the Beginning

This week's Recall election success in Colorado is an important event in the latest chapter of the fight to preserve American's unalienable rights. It was a bold statement that the Pro-Rights/ Pro-2A crowd will not stand idle as the Civilian Disarmament industrial complex tries to destroy this great nation.

Despite significant Bloomberg financial contributions informed and angry voters exercised their right to make their voices heard at the polls. However this did not affect the mindless gun control laws that erode the freedoms of law-abiding Coloradans and led to the relocation of employers like Magpul. The road to restore those fundamental, unalienable rights will require election of Pro-Rights politicians who will overturn those unjust laws and its a long and difficult road to overturn legislature.

That means that the best thing we can do to defend the 2A is to vote candidates who will not create gun control policiesno matter what lies are used to characterize them (“common-sense” and “gun violence” are the latest examples). The Colorado recall was a warning to the enemies of Liberty around the nation- but the fight is far from over. We have to be active in elections- midterm congressional elections and absolutely the 2016 Presidential race to ensure that the road to sweeping gun control expansion is difficult for elected officials.

Being active means more than simply casting your vote- it is up to all of us to recruit as many like-minded individuals as possible and ensure that they exercise their voting rights in an informed way. We can halt this assault on the 2A with our collective efforts but we need to remain focused and follow through with every possible effort at the polls to defend our rights.


7 Facts about Gun Violence

56% of Americans think that gun crime is up despite the fact that it has plummeted since the 1990s. Nice graphic, NSSF…