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Simple and useful High Point Carbine mods

Armed Defender Videos has posted several videos on the High Point carbine lately. This one is great if you are thinking about buying one (useful and fun for a low price) or already have one.

Many people talk smack about High Point but simple and low cost is not always bad (ever hear of the AK-47?) These rifles are a nice addition to your collection for all these reasons:

  • Available in 9mm .40 and .45 calibers
  • Carbine length barrel makes 100yd combat effectiveness possible
  • Excellent for home defense- short footprint and better accuracy than a handgun
  • Inexpensive, Durable and fun to shoot

Halloween Det Cord Exavaganza

The Tech Assassin serves up more of his signature slo-mo eye candy with some homemade pumpkin fireworks. Enjoy!!


Figure 8 Drill

Funker Tactical is quickly becoming one of my favorite YouTube channels. They offer a wide range of content and have distinctive instructors. Check out Ryan going over the Figure 8 Drill – it covers movement, rifle and transition to pistol.

These guys make this look really easy- notice how steady the picatinny rail cam is? That means that the rifle isn’t moving while Ryan is walking around the barricades. A few other things to note:

  • Ryan brings his pistol back to his workspace after he engages a target- this is perfect technique. The idea is to avoid extending your arms into isosceles until you identify a target. It makes weapon retention easier.
  • The Groucho walk is used by both guys into is drill- heel to toe as you go forwards and toe to heel as you go backwards
  • This drill optimizes different types of movement. Backwards movement while shooting is one of the most useful techniques to practice for the typical citizen.



AR Pistols: fireballs and headaches

Hijak86 discovered some of the warts you get with a pistol-length AR configuration.  It’s a good watch though- the photo at the end is tremendous. 

I can confirm that the concussion that people on either side feel is worse than the experience behind the trigger group. Muzzle concussions are notorious for giving your range buddies headaches and this is a great example. A kit like that really needs a supressor to be comfortable for the user and bystanders. Also there is the issue of barrel length. 5.56 rounds tend to tumble easily out of shorter barrels. They don’t spin enough times to stabilize before they exit the barrel. These are all reasons that drove development of the 300 Blackout (BLK) over at AAC. 

If you’re interested in a kit like this or want to weather the wait times and signoff requirements for an SBR you should look into the BLK- it solves most of the problems shorter 5.56 encounters and performs better in many cases. They also don’t breathe fire like a funnycar.

iPhone 5 loses AGAIN to a .50

The faster cameras in this comparison are my favorite segment of this Tech Assassin gem – seeing the projectile approach the phone is epic. It's also surprising to see the phone hold up to multiple hits from the Barrett- I wasn't expecting that.


Meze 88s: Sort of like clay pigeons

Why yes, it IS a 300 BLK rifle, rocking a KAC rail system no less. The high speed camera work on the BT projectile is pretty cool too.


iPhone 5 is full of shiny dust

Or maybe that's just vaporized gorilla glass. Either way this is superb slow motion work from the Tech Assassin.

The M82A1 looks like it wouldn't ever get old, does it?

This is such a great compliation

I know I posted this awhile back but it's worth another view… Guaranteed adrenaline for the initiated.



Buckle up for an intense 150 seconds of MAC showing off an impressive array of NFA items. Tactical Beard not required.

Can't you just smell the cordite?

Reloading Drill

Reloading is a critical gunfighting skill. While it's not typically too useful for self defense it is very useful for practical shooting sports, where time factors into your score.

There are lots of things to like about this drill, including :

  • Support hand is going for the fresh mag right away- that's the key to maximizing your speed on a slide-lock reload
  • Reloading is an important fundamental- pulling back into your workspace and driving your weapon system back into the fight is a skill you can't practice often enough