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Mag Holster Review: Tagua vs. Galco

As I get closer to my first Practical Shooting competition it seems like a good idea to add reloading from a mag holster into my training regimen. I ended up with two double stack mag carriers: a Tagua MC6   and a Galco DMC22B . Both offer belt slits and snap-on options for wear. They are also both suitable for USPSA and IDPA type Practical Shooting use.


The Tagua cost about $28 at my Local Gun Store


and the Galco was about $50 at a different LGS.

How do they compare?

The Tagua is a nice, hearty leather. To fit my double-stack Glock 22 mags into it took some time and effort. A great trick I learned to help with break-in is to wrap two mags in a gallon ziploc (leave the tops of the mags accessible) and insert them into the holster. Stop a couple times working the mag into place and twist it to stretch the leather. Do this once a day and leave them in for a week wrapped in the plastic. The Tagua is nice for costing less than $30 but you should be prepared to break it in for a couple weeks and live without adjustable retention.

The Galco is easily the superior product but you pay more for the quality. In contrast I adjusted the retention screws on the Galco in just a couple minutes and carry mags securely enough to pass the ‘jumping jack test’ yet the mag draw requires virtually no effort. Once the Tagua is broken in I’m sure it will do the trick so if you’re on a tight budget just plan ahead and save the dollars.