Bill Maher Admits that he Loves Tyranny

The Progressives Enemies of Liberty have long had Bill Maher out there using humor to express far leftist views- humor is a good tool for introducing ideas in a non-threatening way, isn't it? Maher has a right to express his opinions and I respect that right just as I expect others to respect my right to free speech. Recently Maher has demonstrated how far left his mindset is by freely admitting that tyranny is a status quo and implying that it should be accepted:

Can we get to, first of all, how ridiculous it is for people to think that the Second Amendment protects them from tyranny. Didn't Waco solve that? We just had the anniversary a couple of weeks ago. Remember Waco? You know what they had in Waco? They had like 1.9 million rounds of ammunition; they had .50 caliber machine guns; they had grenades…What did the government have? Everything else. The winner and still champion – the United States government. Thinking the Second Amendment protects you from tyranny is like thinking the First Amendment protects you from Thor. It's quaint. It's ridiculous. It's nonsensical. And they never get called [on] it!

Yikes- those are some pretty extreme intonations Mr. Maher- so you are implying:

That sounds exactly like none of the gun owners I know- what about you? The heart of the issue, of course, is the leftist agenda to discredit the 2A and to try to convince the masses that no American citizen needs firearms.

Make no mistake – this is a cultural war and there is a concerted effort among Civilian Disarmament Groups and the White House with its puppet Journolists to convince the public that gun owners are a menace to society (and apparently pedophiles) and in the way of “progress”.

“Progress” in this case means Civilian Disarmament (admitted here by Rep. Shakowsky) and Universal Background Checks Gun Registration (leading to Confiscation).

Considering recent public opinion polls , SCOTUS decisions and US Senate votes that sounds like oppression of free citizens to me. The Antis do not care about public opinion or the will of the people. This is part of an agenda to broaden control over the populace right out of the Marxism playbook.

By the way Bill Maher fails to explain exactly how a tyrannical government could effectively overwhelm 43-55 million American households the way they did at Waco. Considering the fact that even police and military personnel are split on the issue the numbers don't exactly favor the tyrants.

That is why I beleive that the Second Amendment continues to function as the Founding Fathers envisioned: the fact that so many American citizens own guns is a deterrent to tyranny in and of itself because of the sheer numbers involved in any potential conflict.

Opinions on this vary widely- some Americans have already had enough of this assault on American tradition and culture. Can you blame them?

Stay vigilant – we must keep a close watch on our elected officials in these times and ensure that we are active in the political process.That's part of the deal when you're an American- we all need to do our part as citizens to protect Liberty and maintain a free society- today that means informed voting and focused lobbying. The recent Senate vote is proof that it works.


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