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Another sneak attack on the 2A underway 

Troubling news from the US Supreme Court: the DOJ  (Eric Holder’s US Department of Justice) is arguing that international treaties can override the US Constitution. The case is Bond vs. United States and the DOJ is arguing that the Federal Government can prosecute a person for violating an international treaty. 

How does that have anything to do with the 2A? Quite a bit as it turns out- remember when the White House signed the UN Weapons International Gun Registration and Confiscation Treaty? While signing the treaty, Secretary of State John Kerry said:

Make no mistake, we would never think about supporting a treaty that is inconsistent with the rights of Americans, the rights of American citizens, to be able to exercise their guaranteed rights under our constitution.

How interesting DOJ would follow up so quickly to try to set a legal precedent that an international treaty could supersede the US Constitution. This SCOTUS decision could have vast implications on the rights of every American citizen- Senator Cruz characterized what’s at risk if the High Court rules in favor of the DOJ :

That is a radical interpretation of the treaty power. That is what is at issue in Bond: does the treaty power enable the Federal government to circumvent the structural limitations on the authority of the Federal government?


It’s important to remember that the Senate would have to ratify the UN Arms Treaty to actually make any of its provisions enforceable, and the current body is strongly opposed to the treaty. The problem is that all treaties signed by the US but not ratified by the Senate remain in limbo forever. At any time in the future the treaty could be revisited by the Senate and the approved. 

This is troubling attempt to lay the groundwork for canned gun control including: registration, ammo control and ultimately confiscation- just add an Anti-2A Senate majority. Watch this space for updates.

Registration Ends Up as Confiscation: Chicago ediiton

Well that didn't take long. Chicago continues its assault on Liberty by confiscating guns from Cook County homes where FOID permit orders have been deemed 'void' or 'revoked'.

In February, (Cook County Sheriff) Dart assigned a sergeant and four investigators to a gun team that has recovered about 160 FOID cards and taken more than 160 guns from the cardholders.

The next time you hear any politician claiming that 'No One is Coming for your Guns' don't believe it. The facts are clear- there is a concerted effort to expand registration and propagate the California 4-Step model across America:

  1. register all the weapons
  2. pass laws to make some of the weapons illegal
  3. confiscate new illegal items
  4. repeat


Executive Order Update: $4.5 Billion Later…

Many may recall President Obama's Executive Orders issued in January 2013 with a goal of progressing America toward Civilian Disarmament. 21 of the 23 EOs have either been implemented or have begun implementation. Don't worry about the fact that these 23 little gems are projected to cost American taxpayers over $4.5 Billion. Instead let's focus on Executive Order 14: Issue a Presidential Memorandum directing the Centers for Disease Control to research the causes and prevention of gun violence.

Dont confuse this with the DOJ memo released in January 2013 that highlights the ineffectiveness of gun control on crime (Doh!) – we are talking about the new, focused report sanctioned in the knee jerk frenzy of reaction to the tragedy in Newton, CT. So what does the CDC have to say about this so-called 'epidemic' of gun violence?

Don't expect to hear much about this study from the White House- the CDC returned facts, not feelings. The report , titled, Priorities for Research to Reduce the Threat of Firearm-related Violence, reveals the following:

  1. Suicides, not violent encounters with guns, represent over 60% of all gun related deaths. Take the suicides out of the statistical analysis and the US has one of the lowest per capita death by guns statistics in the world (page 13).
  2. Those using a gun to defend themselves have consistently and significantly LOWER injures in violent encounters than those without a gun to defend themselves (page 16).
  3. Defensive use of guns are at least as common as offensive uses by criminals, with estimates of citizens using guns to defend themselves more than 3 million times per year!(page 15)
  4. Overall, gun related deaths are declining, during the same period that gun ownership has soared (page 26)

Don't me wrong- there is plenty of doubletalk in this report- dancing around the mental health issue of course. Stick to the Facts in this debate- and the next time you hear some misinformed gun grabber say, “If there's even one step we can take to save another child…” don't politely nod your head or quietly accept this rediculous arguement- take some advice from Dr. Ingatious Piazza and demand an answer to this question: “Why are you asking the American people to sacrifice 3 million responsible citizens EVERY YEAR to save one child?”


More Proof that Universal Background Checks will Lead to Confiscation

Time for another hard-hitting 2:30 from that voice of reason MCN

Yes- those are elected lawmakers from New Jersey openly stating that “we need a bill that will confiscate, confiscate, confiscate.” However the Journolists and Anti-2A politicians would have you believe that Universal Background Checks are a 'common sense' measure that will not impact law-abiding citizens.

Let's Review Facts About Universal Background Checks Gun Registration:

The enemies of Liberty are not even trying to hide their goals. This is why it is up to every single American to actively oppose gun control laws proposed in our legislatures. This is why we must vote intelligently and actively in the critical elections ahead of us in 2014 and 2016.


The Shameful Playbook of the Gun Control crowd

The Gun Grabbers' nefarious playbook includes several tactics to help accomplish their goal of abolishing The Second Amendment for law-abiding cotizens in the name of 'stopping gun violence' (despite the fact that GUN CRIME HAS DECLINED 69% OVER THE PAST 20 YEARS WITHOUT ANY NEW GUN CONTROL LAWS). Here are some of the tactics they are employing…

Attack the character of gun owners to divide them from Americans who know nothing about guns. Start by turning public opinion against Gun Owners by portraying them as:

They don't stop there but also attack the people who don't fit the mold of their myth – even when it is inaccurate. Mr. Colion Noir had thousands of subscribers long before he joined NRA News. Who exactly made up this audience? Apparently people with the traits listed above. This is how the “Progressives” act? What are they progressing towards?

One Million Moms AGAINST Gun Control

What a discovery! One Million Moms AGAINST Gun Control is precisely the sort of citizen action group to promote on Mother's Day. Their mission:

To reaffirm to Americans that the Second Amendment states that the right to bear arms “shall not be infringed” and that the infringement of the Constitutionally-guaranteed right to bear arms is unacceptable.

To educate all interested individuals about the importance of the proper and safe handling of firearms.

To keep voters informed about legislative efforts on the state and federal level regarding the use, sale and ownership of firearms.

To provide a counter-argument to the pro-gun control movement by providing objective information regarding the failure of gun control measures.

This year I made a donation in my mother's name to this organization for her gift. Check them out here to learn more at http://www.1mmagc.org/

Attempted Mass Shooting Stopped by Armed Good Guy at Houston Airport?

The Journolists have been waiting for the next opportunity to spin their propaganda machine back up to continue their effort to destroy The Second Amendment… Except it looks like having an armed good guy around made a difference this time around…note how the Jornos managed to sneak 'automatically' into this part (just to add confusion for the uneducated)

“As soon as he walked in, he just automatically started shooting quickly,” said the employee named Kendra Carrizales. “And we hear two shots and we just automatically started running. We ran all the way to the back.” 

A Homeland Security special agent heard the gunfire and confronted the suspect. He fired at the suspect at the same time the man shot himself in the head, according to HPD.

“We just saw the dude walking in, and he was already suicidal because he put the gun to his head,” Carrizales said.

The suspect was taken away in an ambulance, but he didn't survive.

No one else was injured.


Shelter in Place? What happened to the Fight post-9/11 mindset

What happened to America over the past 12 years? At this time of year in 2001 citizens had a new set of marching orders to protect themselves after the September 11 terrorist attacks on American civilians. The advice was logical – especially to anyone with a CCW permit:
  1. Don't comply with bad guys because it may not end well for you. Be prepared to fight because it could make a significant difference if you resist.
  2. Practice situational awareness- dont relax to condition white in public. Be vigilant- dont ignore cues that someone is a threat or may be searching for victims.

Taking personal responsibility for the safety of my loved ones and myself was one of the most simple decisions of my entire life. The second I learned to look at the world this way I knew there was no choice but to ensure their safety to the very best of my abilities. What's the alternative?

Unfortunately the preference these days seems to be to encourage people to cower in their homes if there is a threat at large. Which of these options sounds better:

  • Hide in your home (ideally disarmed) and wait it out while you hope that the bad guy doesn't choose your home to seek cover, transportation, or victims.
  • OR

  • Make sure you have a firearm within reach and stay alert. If you're at home keep vigilant and prepared to defend your loved ones.

I'm not saying that we need to form posses and comb our neighborhoods, but when the Police tell us that they are unlikely to be able to stop a violent crime from being committed against you whats the better option?

How did that last Boston Bomber get caught? By NOT sheltering in place– someone discovered him in their backyard!


DGU tip: Train to Find and Use Cover

While I am not a fan of 15 minute web videos this one is a pretty good watch. You get a Gunsite instructor (Gunsite trains scores of people each year on everything from excellent hunting skills to civilian defense to elite US Military forces) and he gives you the lowdown on cover, cover vs concealment (hint: cover is always better) and how to use it – remember that you need to travel to cover in most defensive situations.

Many instructors say that if you're ever caught in a SHTF situation in a public place your priorities should be : get to cover (or concealment if that's all theirs is) assess the situation for threats, then draw. It makes sense, doesn't it? Why present yourself as a target for the bad guys? What if you decide that you don't have a shot?

Remember that your first responsibility is to protect yourself and your loved ones-if you don't need to identify yourself as an armed citizen why broadcast it?


Fact Roundup: Despite a Lack of Popular Support Antis continue their Assault on Liberty

After the US Senate served its purpose as the Legislative point of the triangle of checks and balances for government last week, what's next for the Gun Control machine?

Of course the Antis are testing the waters to see if they can capitalize on the next tragedy. Bloomberg trolls are out starting rumors with the intent of portraying the Pro 2A community as ruthless and insensitive – everyone from the casual commenter on a post to the entire NRA. Make no mistake- the Civilian Disarmament coalition is unrelenting and won't stop trying to ban guns and ammunition.

Bloomberg is also working hard at misleading infographics to keep the misinformed nice and angry at the Senate for doing its job. John Richardson points out that this is propaganda at its lowest– there are outright lies being sold as truth across the Mainstream Media.

Where does the propaganda of the MSM end?