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The right time to take it slow

While every situation is different and making the choice to draw your weapon is nothing to take lightly there is a useful lesson here. Buckle-up for a crisp edition of our favorite Canadian as he talks aboot pistol skills.

More on holster draw technique

I4Tactical showcases the holster draw and presentation process quite nicely in this video clip. I like the breakdown he provides for each step of the process.

The key issues I'm working through in my own training are proper grip and closely related is trigger finger placement. I4 makes a great point on grip – when you bring the support hand into your workspace to meet the pistol it's your opportunity to confirm that your grip is correct.


Holster Draw Fundamentals

Over the past few weeks I shook up my training drills and got away from holster draw. My groups opened up more than I would like after returning to my holster drills. My self-diagnosis: not taking time time to get a proper grip before I execute the draw. Watching this good overview of the 4 stages of holster draw fundamentals there is more refinement necessary than just grip- time to get practicing…