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Stellar Gun Facts Infographic

The amount of compelling data in this AmericanGunFacts.com infographic is reason enough to take a look and share it. My favorite segment is at the bottom – it shows several dimensions of the impact concealed carry has in The United States.

American Gun Facts Infographic



When did the US Congress Forget the Difference Between Movies and Real Life?

Absurdity has reached new levels in Washington, DC. Two new bills are in play in the House that aim to prevent or require technology that they saw in movies.

Lunacy has reached new levels when Congress is more focused on writing laws based on fiction than laws aimed at keeping violent criminals in prison so they cannot commit additional rapes and murders while on parole. This is an important fact to keep in mind: Half of all murders are committed by people on “conditional release” (i.e., parole or probation). (Probation and Parole Violators in State Prison, 1991: Survey of State Prison Inmates, Robyn Cohen, U.S. Dept. of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Statistics, 1995).

Ridiculous Bill #1: H.R. 2005: Personalized Handgun Safety Act

Rep Tierney (D-Mass.) is convinced that biometric tech in the real world is perfect because he saw it in the movie Skyfall : “This technology,however, isn't just for the movies- it's a reality.”

Nick Leghorn from TTAG offers an astute observation on the viability of this idea:

Smith & Wesson tried to introduce a similar — though much simpler — gizmo in their guns not too long ago when they added an internal lock to their firearms. They said it was to make the gun safer, prevent access by unauthorized people, yada yada yada. But in reality, all it did was make the gun malfunction when it was needed most. In short, they tried this already and failed. Miserably. “

If this tech is so awesome why don't law enforcement and military use it already? Not a single US firearms manufacturer has the ability to make something like this today. It's interesting to note that a law like this could be leveraged as a form of….wait for it… Gun control (by imposing undue hardships and hurdles on law abiding citizens).

Ridiculous Bill #2: H.R. 1474: Undetectable Firearms Modernization Act

3D printed guns – assuming that what happened in the film In the Line of Fire is now imminent to happen everywhere. Look at this panicky quote from the notable Anti, Sen. Schumer:

A terrorist, someone who’s mentally ill, a spousal abuser, a felon can essentially open a gun factory in their garage,” Sen. Schumer said. “And the only thing they need a computer and a little over a thousand dollars. No background check and you don’t even need to leave your house to make hundreds of these guns.”

Woah. I guess the Senator from New York finally has it right- we had better move swiftly and decisively to censor this information and eradictae it from, well, the enitre distributed file sharing structure of the internet. Except in this case Sen. Schumer is absolutely wrong (again):

  • Phillip Bump from The Atlantic Wire tried to make his own Liberator. He ultimately determined that “printing your own gun is not a feasible enterprise“. He couldn't find a printer that would do a good enough job to build parts worthy of a live round or a company willing to print it for him.
  • That small issue notwithstanding, The fear of printed guns assumes they are completely undetectable – except for that metal stuff called ammunition. Or can we also print a synthetic case capable of containing gunpowder ignition?
  • What criminal will go though the time, expense and effort to do this while they could simply steal a gun or buy one on the black market like they already do today?
  • Most people could probably make a more effective zip gun in their basement using commonly found household items like pieces of metal pipe, rubber bands and a nail. So why aren't we plagued by those things popping up everywhere already?

The fact that these things are even wasting time in Congressional committees is disgraceful. In a Congress that has characters like Sen. Manchin who claims “you can't stop government” this is deeply disturbing. I have a news flash for you Senator (and all your Big Government cohorts): you CAN stop government. Watch how a growingly discontent population accomplishes that in America: at the polls.



Myth Debunked: Guns in the Home are Likely to be Used in Suicides

Facts, not feelings. That's what you can expect at kR-15.com. Today let's review the facts about the latest lie about guns being circulated by the enemies of Liberty.

Lee Schneider blubbers on in The Huff with misguided rhetoric claiming that guns in the home equate to general misery and suicide. Never mind that privately owned firearms prevent crimes at least 2.5 million times each year. I wish Lee Schneider could explain how 2.5 million more crimes against law-abiding citizens every year would create a nation with less misery and suicide.

Another liar, Connecticut Governor Daniel Malloy, claims that “There’s a reality that 19,000 people are going to commit suicide because there’s a gun in their house”

Despite their claims that they want to help Americans the facts show that Lee Schneider and Governor Daniel Malloy actually are advocating policies that will increase crimes and suicides in The United States.


I owe Sherri Shepard a high-five

Thank you for telling your story, Sherri Shepard. The co-host of The View recently had a scare- the alarm system in her house went off in the middle of the night and she realized that she had no way to defend her child. Like any rational person who takes responsibility for their own well-being she decided to take steps to help her never feel that way again.

While the majority of her co-hosts accepted her decision (which is just as accurate as any poll results we see in Mainstream Media) Barbara Walters had to let us know how she feels about law-abiding citizens being able to defend themselves:

“I don't have a house. I have an apartment so I have a different set up,” Walters said. “But it scares me, what you're talking about. Because when you have a gun, the tendency is to use it and sometimes you use it in the wrong way.”

“Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade asked Shepherd if Walters' reasoning scared her away from purchasing a firearm.

“No, it didn't scare me at all because I say that people who say that have never been in the situation of needing to defend their family,” Shepherd said.

Taking responsibility for yourself and your loved ones. Doing something about the things that scare you without banning anything. Thanks for reminding the world what a gun owner looks like in America- a gun owner is just an average American, no matter what Journolists want you to think.


Why You Need Clearly Marked, Designated Mags

The parent case of the 300BLK is 5.56. While you would think that a BLK cartridge couldn't chamber in a 5.56 rifle it can- at least enough to KB an upper receiver as pictured above at a range in Georgia. Fortunately no one was hurt- but this is important to understand and prevent because the next person may not be so lucky.
While the round probably didn't chamber, it got far enough that the bolt started to close and pushed the projectile backwards into the cartridge- basically smashing the charge and creating enough friction to set it off.

Scary? Yes but this is also easily avoidable:

  • Use separate, marked, dedicated mags for both BLK and 5.56
  • Some of the best ideas I've heard include:
  • use a different color mag for each caliber – like forest green for 5.56 and flat dark earth for BLK.
  • use 20rd mags for BLK and 30rd mags for 5.56
  • use mag sleeves for one caliber

Find a way to clearly mark your mags or make them so different that you can't screw it up- no one wants to be picking tiny slivers of aluminum out of their face.

When you train: Practice Engaging Multiple Targets

This is another good video- Nic Taylor breaks it down nicely by leveraging fundamentals and cueing another component of Operator speed. After seeing this I plan to start working on improving consistent transiton speed (could we call this cadence?) in my next live fire session.
One thing Nic could add to his reps: where was that search and assess after he pulled back to low ready? Train as you fight Nic…


.40 S&W target load recipe

Unless this is your first visit to this site you likely have a sense that I believe in the phrase Train to Maintain. That equates to some level of live fire practice and live fire requires live ammo. This is the recipe I use for my training ammo. It's based on efficiency- don't get wild with your powder, don't get wild with a heavy practice projectile. The most reasonably priced projectiles I like to work with for my .40 are 135gr FMJs from Berry's Mfg. Cheaper projectiles can be found- for example lead wadcutters can be had for half the price- but I just like the glimmer of the copper jackets.

Reloading Press

I run this load recipe on my Lee Precision Pro 1000 Press and load once-fired brass (both factory and re-mans) along with a bunch of range brass I foraged from various ranges. If you're starting out with a caliber range brass can be a really useful way to build up your brass on the cheap- just be sure to scrutinize those empties for damage and compliance with spec.

NOTE: Users assume all risk, responsibility and liability whatsoever for any and all injuries (including death), losses or damages to persons or property (including consequential damages), arising from the use of any data, whether or not occasioned by publisher’s negligence or based on strict liability or principles of indemnity or contribution. kR-15.com and its contributors neither assume nor authorize any person to assume for it any liability in connection with the use of any data on this site.

Load Data

Caliber: .40 S&W

Projectile: 135gr FMJ

Primer: Winchester Small Pistol Primers

Powder: Winchester 231 or HP-38

Measure: 6.3gr

Lee Auto-Disc setting: 0.57

Min OAL: 1.125 in.

Max OAL: 1.135 in.

KR-15 optimal OAL: 1.130 in.

I calibrate my bullet seating to hit the middle of the tolerance- theoretically that will result in more usable rounds because the variance in either direction is the most forgiving.


Training Tip to Increase Your Speed

I am already doing some of this but now it's time to put forth a conscious effort to drive my speed up to grow into faster execution. If you're weight training you can't increase strength without eventually increasing the weight resistance, so why is speed training any different?


Attempted Mass Shooting Stopped by Armed Good Guy at Houston Airport?

The Journolists have been waiting for the next opportunity to spin their propaganda machine back up to continue their effort to destroy The Second Amendment… Except it looks like having an armed good guy around made a difference this time around…note how the Jornos managed to sneak 'automatically' into this part (just to add confusion for the uneducated)

“As soon as he walked in, he just automatically started shooting quickly,” said the employee named Kendra Carrizales. “And we hear two shots and we just automatically started running. We ran all the way to the back.” 

A Homeland Security special agent heard the gunfire and confronted the suspect. He fired at the suspect at the same time the man shot himself in the head, according to HPD.

“We just saw the dude walking in, and he was already suicidal because he put the gun to his head,” Carrizales said.

The suspect was taken away in an ambulance, but he didn't survive.

No one else was injured.


Shelter in Place? What happened to the Fight post-9/11 mindset

What happened to America over the past 12 years? At this time of year in 2001 citizens had a new set of marching orders to protect themselves after the September 11 terrorist attacks on American civilians. The advice was logical – especially to anyone with a CCW permit:
  1. Don't comply with bad guys because it may not end well for you. Be prepared to fight because it could make a significant difference if you resist.
  2. Practice situational awareness- dont relax to condition white in public. Be vigilant- dont ignore cues that someone is a threat or may be searching for victims.

Taking personal responsibility for the safety of my loved ones and myself was one of the most simple decisions of my entire life. The second I learned to look at the world this way I knew there was no choice but to ensure their safety to the very best of my abilities. What's the alternative?

Unfortunately the preference these days seems to be to encourage people to cower in their homes if there is a threat at large. Which of these options sounds better:

  • Hide in your home (ideally disarmed) and wait it out while you hope that the bad guy doesn't choose your home to seek cover, transportation, or victims.
  • OR

  • Make sure you have a firearm within reach and stay alert. If you're at home keep vigilant and prepared to defend your loved ones.

I'm not saying that we need to form posses and comb our neighborhoods, but when the Police tell us that they are unlikely to be able to stop a violent crime from being committed against you whats the better option?

How did that last Boston Bomber get caught? By NOT sheltering in place– someone discovered him in their backyard!