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A different approach to firearms maintenance

While polling some like-minded enthusiasts on how often they give their carbines a thorough cleaning, someone offered a different approach to maintenance intervals that’s worth sharing. Nobody mentioned procedures for clearing tank guns as pictured above, but the photo is pretty cool. OK, back on topic: according to my informal research, people typically use a round count to define the interval for cleaning, maintenance and inspection of their firearms. 1000 rounds is a popular number for pistols and rifles. 

Some people prefer to clean their firearms after each use- there is nothing wrong with this but it’s not the most efficient use of cleaning supplies and time. The one exception to consider is using a BoreSnake after every use. It’s fast and in most cases doesn’t require any disassembly. A clear bore helps the next shot fly true – and we can all benefit from that.

One thing that may not be easy to keep track of is the round count on a given weapon since it’s last cleaning. It doesn’t matter if you caught the black rifle bug (where you end up owning several black rifles after becoming enamored with your first one) or not– most people have more important things to keep in mind than how many rounds have gone through your 10/22. 

Why worry about the round count at all? The brilliant suggestion I heard was pick a regular time interval and clean your firearms- every 90 days, every 60 days or whatever time interval aligns with your usage. This way you can set a reminder on your phone calendar, wall calendar, sun dial or however else you track the things you need to do.