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Where I get my BLK Brass

While you can make your own BLK brass I don't have a bunch of .223 or 5.56 brass just laying around. It's not difficult to make your brass but right now I'd rather focus on other things. The problem with ordering brass online is that you don't always know what the quality will be like (for example all my FTCs from blackoutbrass.com) and prices vary widely.

Recently I found a place that delivers the best brass I have seen to date at a fair price: 300aacbrass.com . I bought a sample 100 pieces of LC brass and am very impressed. Outstanding responsiveness too- never waited more than 24 hrs to hear back from them.

  • Mirror shine on the cases- you can see into them while loading
  • Every piece ran through my Lee dies like butter
  • Test firing went as expected- no problems feeding, chambering, ejecting. Fired cases look good.