A few reasons to love the isosceles stance

Time for a classic video clip – Travis Haley demonstrates the proper draw to Modern Isosceles stance. Precision. Control. Those are cornerstones of accuracy- and the isosceles stance is the way to accomplish those things in a very repeatable fashion. Here are a few more reasons I will never abandon the isosceles stance:

  • when you react to a threat the Isosceles stance is your natural reactive body position (square up to the threat)
  • the symmetrical support of the stance provides tremendous strength and stability under stress- which is when you need it most
  • modern isosceles has also become very popular as a tactical rifle stance
  • every video I have ever seen Haley do showcases isosceles for pistol and rifle. If it wasn't effective he wouldn't be using it.

3 thoughts on “A few reasons to love the isosceles stance

  1. danielpochmara

    Like the site. I was at the bowling pin shoot on the 27th..the guy with the sks

    1. k4R-15 Post author

      Thanks for checking out the site danielpochmara!! The bowling pin shoot was fun and it was great talking with you and the others out there. I’m excited for next month’s pin shoot!


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