Avoid BlackoutBrass.com for BLK brass

About one year ago I needed more brass for my 300 AAC Blackout (BLK). A quick interweb search led me to a promising site at http://www.blackoutbrass.com . It looked to me like this place knew what they were doing and seemed to be turning inventory quickly. Prices were not awful but I wanted something I could quickly load without investing any time into making my own BLK brass.

Getting the brass delivered was the challenge. My experience resulted in 5 phone calls beginning 4 weeks after ordering – each ended with a pledge from blackoutbrass.com to ship 'by the end of the week'. Apparently my experience was one of the better ones…

As if that isn't irritating enough I recently started using my brass from these jokers and guess what? Out of the first 130 pieces I have had about 10 FTCs (failure to chamber). That is likely because the. Brass is PMC and as noted here PMC can be a headache because the case wall thickness is not consistent. It's been increasingly frustrating as I go through more of the brass- for example I had a FTC rate of 1 per every 10 at my last outing.

The blackoutbrass.com company is focused on reprocessing once-fired brass. However their primary customer base is large manufacturers of ammunition- companies who order 10k or more pieces at a time. This helps explain why orders in the 1-2k piece range aren't a high priority for them. Also the unprecedented demand for ammunition means that turning 5.56 brass into BLK brass means more overhead (labor and handling) for them…I know this from talking with someone in their shop who answered the phone on one of my 6 calls to see when my order would ship.

If you are looking for BLK brass my suggestion is to either:

  • Get your hands on some high-quality brass like LC, Federal, Winchester, Remington (R-P) and make your own- its not exceedingly difficult as long as you start with consistent cases.
  • Buy preformed BLK brass from a different vendor- a little Internet searching can yield good results- Midway sells pre-primed brass for example. Also take a look at 300blk forums to see what others report as good experiences.


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