Defensive Training Tip: Practice from inside a vehicle

The video above illustrates some of the dynamics you should consider about how to react if you need to defend yourself from inside a vehicle. The clip is from TTAGs Nick Leghorn at Gunsite- So you know it's reputable technique.

Look at how constrained the draw and fire motions are- without practice this will be far from intuitive for me. While you may not be able to practice live fire from your vehicle and don't have a 'shoot car' handy like the Gunsite Academy this can still be practiced with an unloaded weapon – just make sure that you:

  • Always triple-check your carry piece to be sure its unloaded
  • Are not out in public view (in the garage with door closed perhaps or in a secluded area)
  • Practice with drivers window open and closed– if that's how you tend to drive

Indestructible Training recently ran a car-based IDPA stage and noted the awkwardness he observed among many of the people on his squad. There is an easy remedy for this – practice it until you get comfortable and confident. How much time do you spend in your car every week?

Criminals are crafty- they will seek out times and places where you are in more compromised positions to attack- like when you're in a vehicle as that constrains your movement possibilities. If that sounds unreasonable to you watch this clip : not only does it showcase the critical importance of situational awareness (watch the bad guys creep past and stop around the corner) and how quickly this successful DGU occurs.



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