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Glorious Suppressed Mac-10

Some folks just love subguns. Watching this footage, courtesy of TacDaddy, helps me understand the allure a little more.

The upside: giggle factor is set to 10. The down side: after spending a rediculous sum on one of these you now will be consuming ammo at unfathomable rates.

Maybe the best approach is to rent one occasionally. 

How will you respond to a home invasion?

Recently I ran across Jarhead6 on YouTube- this video got me thinking:

Here are the key points he makes fortified with vitamins, minerals and my own commentary:

  • Have a plan and have a contingency plan- make sure you and your loved ones all know how to respond if an intruder is in the house. Also have a plan for what happens if you are injured. Walk through the plan together until everyone gets it right.
  • Always have a phone within reach- the 911 call record will definitely help you in court, but also know your local laws. This should be part of your plan- who is the designated 911 caller?
  • Having a first aid kit is important but it's crucial that each of your first aid kits include at least one quickclot – this technology has saved many lives around the world in both civilian and military applications. Bleeding out is one of the biggest risks of a knife or gunshot wound. You also may want to learn how to treat a wound while you're at it.
  • Have an appropriate home defense weapon and appropriate ammo in the weapon. Frangible rounds can easily penetrate the walls of a home, regardless of what the person selling that ammo will tell you. Understanding overpenetration and knowing what lies beyond your target in a home defense situation must be addressed before you're actually defending your home.
  • Once you choose your home defense weapon (note that it does NOT have to be a shotty even though many people like them) keep it ready to go- if you have to use it you won't want to have to do anything extra like rack a pump or a slide to chamber a round. That could make the difference between success or failure in defending your loved ones and your property because when things go wrong, they go wrong fast.


Ammo Shortage Update


Interesting news yesterday – a colleague stopped by my desk at the cubicle farm to share a hot tip: our local Wal-Marts in about a 50 mile radius are getting ammunition shipments daily- even the elusive .22 LR bulk packs. Prices are also at familiar, pre-panic retail prices.

The downside: 3 box per person limit- but that's what we can expect to endure until a surplus returns to the land of brick and mortars- and the limit is the reason the shelves aren't picked clean by the first panic buyer who sees them.

After sharing this info with familiar faces at my LGS (local gun store) I heard some rumors on how this happened:

  • Both Wal-Mart and Gander Mountain are rumored to have funded additional factory buildings for large manufacturers like Winchester and ATK – in exchange for exclusive rights to the rounds produced by those facilities.

It's a good story- however I'm reluctant to believe it. The primary reason for my doubt is that a move like this should be big news. I can't find a mention of this online or on either company's corporate site. No corroboration= not true over here. If you have sources to confirm these rumors please post links in the comments section.

Also do your best to refrain from paying inflated ammo prices– it will help drive liquidation of the hoarder stashes that are paying high prices. There is no reason to pay $6 for a box of 50 .22 rounds.


Enjoy the holiday

New content is in the works…taking some time to decompress over here.

Muzzle velocity is posted for the LilGun 220 SMK recipe– geographic conditions for measurements very similar to sea level.


Enjoy the holiday!

Reality check

The clip below is a good reminder of how to set useful measures for your own skills. Everyone looks impressive at close range but taking a weapon system long range quickly points out flaws in your technique.

As for 5.11 pants and tactical beards, no habla.

Excellent 2 Minutes on Shooting from Prone

Enjoy- a useful 2 minutes on transitioning to prone and not only how to position but why it's important..

Except for the 100 yd shot point Dave Spaulding makes- its a fringe case at best and using the ground to stabilize your weapon helps accuracy at pretty much any effective range.

A court ruling that upholds The 2A

One thing I learned by reading over the federal firearms law summary in LegalHeat (see yesterday's post for the skinny on this helpful app) was that Federal Law prohibits not only possession of firearms inside of any Post Office but also in vehicles on the property. That means that even of someone drives through the mail drop with their carry piece ( even locked up in their vehicle) it is a violation of Federal Law.

This was never mentioned in my CCW course by the way- I'm not sure how widely understood that law is among citizens. At any rate it looks like change is underfoot. A US District Court in Colorado has ruled (bold emphasis added by author) :

In sum, openly carrying a firearm outside the home is a liberty protected by the Second Amendment. The Avon Post Office Building is a sensitive place and the ban imposed by the USPS Regulation is a presumptively valid restriction of that liberty. The Plaintiff has failed to present evidence to rebut that presumption. The parking lot adjacent to the building is not a sensitive place and the Defendants have failed to show that an absolute ban on firearms is substantially related to their important public safety objective.

There you have it- a glimmer of hope for our inalienable rights at a time where it seems like government overreach has become impossible to keep in check. Every legal precedent helps strengthen the 2A- and we may need them all to keep the Antis at bay.

Know the Law

One of the aspects of a Concealed Carry lifestyle you need to keep up on is the firearms laws in your area. Laws can change frequently- in some cases for better, like the Illinois Concealed Carry law passed on Juy 9th and in others for worse, like the Colorado Gun Control laws that now outlaw standard capacity magazines, among other things.

LegalHeat is an app for iPhone and Android that works as a simple index of firearms laws by state and lists both statute and plain-english breakdowns. It's handy if youre driving through several states and includes Federal laws. Topics for each state include:

  • Concealed Carry laws
  • Open Carry laws
  • Transport laws
  • Other laws
  • Permit reciprocity

So long as they update the app frequently this could be very useful – well worth the $0.99 to me.


9 Key Concepts of the Declaration of Independence

Spend 10 minutes watching this and learn 9 key concepts that remind us why America celebrates July 4 as Independence Day. Have a great and safe 4th!

Party Rocker Furbies vs. Barrett M82A1

Another reason to own a .50 rifle…although this doesn't have anything on the peeps ediiton.