Should a flashlight be part of your daily carry?

Aaron Little makes some compelling arguments in favor of making a flashlight part of your daily carry in this video- check it out:

Quite a bit of trouble can be avoided if you can:

  • Avoid going places victims go
  • Avoid doing things victims do
  • Avoid acting like victims act
The flashlight is a handy accoutrement for avoiding these behaviors – and a quality, high-lumen flashlight can do wonders to incapacitate a bad guy long enough for you to escape a situation. You should seriously consider one for daily carry if your lifestyle is conducive to doing so. So many options exist today that you should be able to find something that is conveniently sized and powerful at the same time. 
Sometimes situational awareness doesn’t equate to identifying a threat. By not acting like a victim you can often disqualify yourself from becoming a target for a crime. And it doesn’t matter if you have a flashlight or not in that case.
Have a safe weekend. 

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