2014 will be a crucial year in the fight to preserve gun rights

After holding off an unprecedented assault on the 2A throughout 2013 gun rights supporters should feel proud of their accomplishments. Despite a nearly perfect storm of MSM (aka journolists) coordinated narrative, an emboldened second-term president and a perfect tragedy to exploit public sentiment, the Universal Background Checks Gun Registration scheme stalled in the US Senate.

However it is up to every supporter of the 2A to stay engaged in 2014. Here are a few compelling reasons why:

  • Americans have the right to defend themselves. Can you live with yourself knowing that you stood idle when he enemies of Liberty destroyed this disabled man’s right to defend himself from the heartless criminals who tied him up and threw him into his yard while they robbed him? 
  • Bloomberg’s MAIG and Moms Demand Action Disarmament are ramping up efforts to invest large sums of money into elections and lobbying for anti-gun policy at the state and federal level. The balance of power in Congress is precarious and it will only take a couple votes to pave the way to pass sweeping gun control laws if we are not active participants in the midterm elections. The UBC bill only failed by a few votes and that is well known in the beltway
  • Congress plays a part in approving the appointment of Supreme Court Justices. The split on the nations highest court is razor-thin on the 2A and if you think the POTUS won’t nominate a Civilian Disarmament supporter you’re a fool. There is a lot at risk if The Dems and RINOs gain the slightest bit in Congress. 
  • Losing ground in midterm elections will almost certainly push the Overton Window even farther left and result in extreme gun control policy. The cartoon above is disturbingly accurate (although slightly out of season)
Don’t get me wrong on trashing the Democrats – I’m not a blind supporter of the Republicans either– the last GOP Administration trampled the rights of Americans too. However the Dems are the party of Gun Control and overall they are too bold and extreme with their policies. It’s up to everyone who enjoys their Freedom to be an active participant in the political process. There is too much at stake to be asleep at the wheel in 2014.

2 thoughts on “2014 will be a crucial year in the fight to preserve gun rights

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