Jumping the Shark with Chris Costa

Chris Costa: Magpul Dynamics, DHS/Coast Guard rock star chasing down drug runners, Tactical Beard. While having his own action figure was a questionable move, the Easy Day video released this week confirms it- Costa needs an ego check. Watch this train wreck of a video if you don’t believe me.

To quote Keanu Reeves (since apparently we are in full Hollywood mode): woah. How many stupid and unrealistic things happen in this video? Here are a few that annoy me to no end:

  • They seriously tip off the suspect with that half-witted brake check ?
  • The suspect just happens to be carrying a suppressed MAC- because that’s exactly the stereotype we need to perpetuate when criminals in America pretty much NEVER use full auto weapons
  • Costa cowboys his way into that warehouse room right through the fatal funnel? Even for a cartoon character that was a reach
  • Be sure to finish the mag dump into the suspect you need for questioning Chris
If this is something worthy of putting the Costa name and brand on, what does it say about the quality of the rest of his training or gear? 


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