Who will lead the charge to harden schools?

One year after the tragedy at Newtown who hasn’t thought about the horrific events at Sandy Hook Elementary? 

The thing that saddens me the most about the post-Newtown world is this: are schools any safer in America? Contrary to rants by the POTUS the majority of Americans agree that Civilan Disarmament is not going to prevent another Newtown. So what about taking steps to harden or replace plate glass windows and doors in schools? 

What about the classrooms? There should be two points of egress for every classroom and every classroom with a window should be equipped to get children out of the room in an emergency via the window. Or add emergency exit doors. Hardening the buildings and optimizing eacape options are inexpensive and logical actions that everyone should be able to support. Not learning from this tragedy and taking steps to prevent a similar event seems negligent to me. 

Who will make it a priority to harden schools? 

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