Enhancing Pistol Accuracy Drills

The accuracy drills are coming along nicely. It seems like a plateau has been reached though- I’m throwing up to 15% of the shots with sloppy technique and it’s pretty frustrating. After looking for some tips some content worth sharing was discovered. 

When doing accuracy drills like these you can really maximize your technique by doing these things: 

1. …align the sights on the center of the target and bring your focus back to the top center of the front sight blade and hold it there until the shot breaks. Adopt your normal stance and shoot a group using the same process, relax and lower the gun between shots.

This is a good way to really maximize every rep. Consistency is the foundation of accuracy and it results in tight, consistent groups. Relaxing your arms also helps minimize your fatigue, further reinforcing the quality of each practice rep. 


2. Develop a pre-shot routine to help give you focus. Breathe and relax between shots. Brian Enos says “Don’t be in a hurry. Just be.” Some people try to focus on their heartbeat. There are many ways to accomplish this but the result is all that matters- you’re focused but not hung up on the mechanics of breaking a shot. To start your checklist may be a rundown of your fundamentals focus points (ex. high grip, support thumb resting on frame, focus on front sight, breathe, press the trigger, see the flash- or whatever works for your own mind). Maybe your checklist is as simple as “grip, sight, trigger press”- it’s whatever mantra you can live with. Most people evolve them as they progress and that’s ok.


3. Recognize bad habits creeping in. With experience you will be able to feel a bad shot and a good shot- it’s your recognition of a mistake in the fundamentals that you may have perceived by feel instead of sight. Stop and reset yourself when this happens- another benefit of using tip #1. Do you have a way to verify that you’re relaxed? I like testing to see if I can wiggle my big toe.  The sural nerve is a main nerve that runs through most of your leg and is a core part of the nervous system- if you can wiggle your big toe you confirm it’s relaxed. That also means you are relaxed, which is key to a good performance. 


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