The 2A Scores Some Legislative Victories


Despite having some weaker representation in DC than we would like, supporters of the 2A have had some good results in the legislative arena recently. Mind you this was earned through our hard work to make it known in DC that the 2A is not negotiable. Here are a couple notable legislative wins:

Undetectable Firearms Act extension:

This one flew through Congress in record time. The bottom line is that while this extension of the original ban limits 3-D printing of plastic guns its impact is minimal. Comrade Schumer was very interested in expanding the bill to limit all sorts of firearms parts – including polymer magazines – so there was the potential for some real damage to the 2A. However this idea didn’t go far and the only reason why is the pressure WE put on Congress. They are aware that supporters of the 2A are awake and mobilized. No way would they take a risk right before Midterm election year. 

The POTUS will flaunt is as action taken on gun control now as the agitprop spins up and he and his cronies use murdered children as props in their political agenda. But think about it- no significant control legislation survived Congress this year. 2013 was the best chance in decades for significant gun control at the Federal level despite incredibly strong pressure from the White House. We need to pick our spots to focus our pushback and this wasn’t one of those spots. 

California AG loses Waiting Period Challenge

This is a significant win for CalGuns- who are fighting infringement in one of the most over-regulated states. This challenge is against California’s 10-day waiting period gun laws for people purchasing firearms. 

The fact that a federal judge saw these laws for what they are — baseless restraints on the exercise of a fundamental civil right — is monumental,” explained Gene Hoffman, Chairman of The Calguns Foundation. “California’s waiting period laws for those who own guns is not Constitutional and this order really underlines the point.”

Any time a gun control law is ruled unconstitutional it helps the 2A. However we all need to remember that overturning law is a long and difficult road. We are always better off preventing bad legislation from becoming law. We have to remain vocal and vigilant because the enemies of Liberty Progressives are working around the clock to destroy our freedom. IOW:

  • Stay informed on legislation in your state and at the federal level
  • Vote in every election- and know your candidates
  • Press your like-minded friends and neighbors to vote– every vote counts because the nation is nearly split at 50% each way 
  • Be vocal- emails, calls and letters to your elected officials have never been more important
As far as enemies of the 2A go- be especially wary of Brandon Webb- he is a former Navy SEAL who wants to try to infiltrate the board of the NRA. He is no friend to the 2A and it is up to every NRA member to keep is cancer out of our organization. We have momentum on our side but we cannot go back to sleep or polite silence. Stay strong and have heart- we can and will preserve our rights.

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