Holiday Season Situational Awareness


A criminal wants one or more of three things: your property, your body or your life. Being careless with any of these things will make you a more attractive target to criminals- aka a soft target. The holiday shopping has the potential to overwhelm anyone, but there are things we can all keep in mind to make ourselves hard targets to avoid becoming a victim. Make sure you don’t just read this but also remind your loved ones about these simple tips.

From a recent Edwards AFB memo:

  • Keep your doors and windows locked (both car and home)
  • Before you leave the safety of your vehicle survey the parking lot- is something suspicious? Trust your instincts- if something doesn’t look or feel right it probably isn’t– avoid it.
  • Park in well-lit areas: criminals prefer darkness to conceal their activities 
  • Stay off your cell phone while walking to and from your vehicle- stay aware of your surroundings
Some other things you can do to make yourself a hard target include:
Stay aware of your surroundings- remember that if you don’t act like a victim it can go a long way to help you avoid criminal interest.

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