Drop-In Trigger with a little something extra

Tac-Con is a company with an interesting idea. The 3MR: a drop-in trigger that offers a third fire mode (if you count safe as one mode). This new mode basically cuts down on trigger reset by using the motion if the bolt to assist. If that doesn’t sound impressive check it out in action:

 If you watch the video closely you will notice the guy is pressing the trigger for every shot- and the reason that they have an ATF approval letter confirming that the trigger system does not convert a rifle into a machinegun. Price-wise they run a little more than slide-fire type stocks. The third selector switch setting is intriguing- definitely more streamlined than a sliding stock. 

I’m not convinced it will perform quite as speedy with an average user running the rifle. I’d like to see one of these up against a skeletonized 3lb Timney to know if the assisted reset really is a cut above a match trigger. It’s certainly something to keep an eye on as initial evaluation units make the rounds.

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