Trigger Press for the Compact Frame Glock

Ever since I traded up my EDC pistol to a Glock 23 my groups have been heading in the wrong direction. It didn’t make sense to me – the idea of the 23 (and 19) is to keep your mechanics identical between the full size model (like a 22 or 17) and the compact.

Running drills to tighten up your groups helps quite a bit but for some reason one shot in every split was dropping low. Not to mention the fact that my hits were all trending low – something was definitely wrong. The answer was simple actually- trigger press on a compact frame Glock is not as forgiving as the full size models. Lots of good advice here but it only clued me in to my own self-diagnosis. The adjustment was pretty simple- more tirgger finger. As soon as I tried pressing the trigger with the inside of the joint of the first knuckle as shown below.

The result was impressive- here is what my targets looked like when I was using the pad of my trigger finger (50 rounds):


And here is my first target – 5 yds farther downrange and with my own adjustments getting smooth with the increased trigger finger- 60 rounds:

That’s nearly instant results- definitely a step in the right direction on my road to qualifying for instructor school!


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