Common Suppressor Baffle Types

Recently we learned a little about suppressors. Now let’s look at the different types of baffles used in suppressors:


MonoCore Baffles

Solid core. Baffle is a core based on a solid piece of material with some sort of cuts/holes to cut gas and create turbulences:


Common monocore suppressors include the SilencerCo Sparrow SS and the Advanced Armament (AAC) Prodigy


K Baffles

 1- part baffle. One of the most effective designs for .22 caliber suppressors: 


 Common K baffle suppressors include the Gemtech Outback IID and the Huntertown Guardian SS.

M Baffles

These are 2-part Baffles, consisting of a 45º/60º cone and a spacer that get stacked up in sequence inside the suppressor:


This baffle type isn’t too common these days, but it’s a pretty clever design. Common M baffle suppressors include Coastal P-22 (shown above).

Omega Baffles 

The Omega Baffle is a newer design concept that improves on the M baffle design to utilize a one-piece baffle that still performs at a high level. Some manufacturers such as SilencerCo and Surefire have recently updated popular suppressor designs to embrace this style of baffle core. 


The SWR Spectre and Surefire 22-A are common suppressors that use omega baffles.







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