How to make your 10/22 look Scary (good)

Recently I was looking at my basic 10/22 and decided to perform a few upgrades- mostly cosmetic upgrades that do not change the rifle, hence the term cosmetic.  Hoplophobes sometimes refer to these as “Evil or Scary Features” – which is ludicrous because inanimate objects such as firearms are not capable of having characteristics like evil or good intentions. Then again fear of inanimate objects is also considered irrational among the sane.

So let’s see what it takes to make this 10/22 look so scary that Shannon Watts  (aka Shannon Troughton aka sneaky astroturf-er) would have puppies if she ever saw it: 

Step 1- get a distinctive barrel and install it

Step 2- find some new furniture. The aftermarket selection for the 10/22 is vast. I shopped around for a long time and after agonizing over different approaches and price points decided to go with a Troy Industries chassis- the T-22 sport. While it’s on the high end of prices  it does include built-in Troy Battlesights. And it definitely looks scary. Eventually a box like this arrived for me:

Sweet! So what’s inside? I’m hoping for a bonus catalog of objects that look “evil” despite the fact that they could not possibly be evil:

Score! On to assembly…

Step 3- Two hex screws hold the chassis together. Remove them to begin the assembly process.

The T-22 chassis comes apart into two pieces- note that the rail is one continuous piece (scary good work Troy!)

Step 4- Don’t blink because the rest happens quickly- install the receiver assembly into the lower part of the chassis

Step 5- Now slide the rail/barrel shroud onto the receiver and replace the hex screws – voila!

Now that’s a nice looking rifle if I’ve ever seen one. Do you hear that barking in the distance? Sounds like new puppies are arriving somewhere in Indiana.


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