Another sneak attack on the 2A underway 

Troubling news from the US Supreme Court: the DOJ  (Eric Holder’s US Department of Justice) is arguing that international treaties can override the US Constitution. The case is Bond vs. United States and the DOJ is arguing that the Federal Government can prosecute a person for violating an international treaty. 

How does that have anything to do with the 2A? Quite a bit as it turns out- remember when the White House signed the UN Weapons International Gun Registration and Confiscation Treaty? While signing the treaty, Secretary of State John Kerry said:

Make no mistake, we would never think about supporting a treaty that is inconsistent with the rights of Americans, the rights of American citizens, to be able to exercise their guaranteed rights under our constitution.

How interesting DOJ would follow up so quickly to try to set a legal precedent that an international treaty could supersede the US Constitution. This SCOTUS decision could have vast implications on the rights of every American citizen- Senator Cruz characterized what’s at risk if the High Court rules in favor of the DOJ :

That is a radical interpretation of the treaty power. That is what is at issue in Bond: does the treaty power enable the Federal government to circumvent the structural limitations on the authority of the Federal government?


It’s important to remember that the Senate would have to ratify the UN Arms Treaty to actually make any of its provisions enforceable, and the current body is strongly opposed to the treaty. The problem is that all treaties signed by the US but not ratified by the Senate remain in limbo forever. At any time in the future the treaty could be revisited by the Senate and the approved. 

This is troubling attempt to lay the groundwork for canned gun control including: registration, ammo control and ultimately confiscation- just add an Anti-2A Senate majority. Watch this space for updates.

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