Budget Korean Glock Mags: Initial impressions

Finally I got curious and decided to order a $10 “American Tactical” Korean-made knockoff Glock magazine. Maybe it would work out perfect as a practice mag for the range. Let’s see how the experience was- first off, here is how the mag arrived- well packed in a sealed paper pouch:


Opening the pouch I found this little gem- which according to the website should be compatible with G22 and G23 Gen4s. It has steel insides and the proper number of holes in the back, although not as tightly aligned with the openings in the steel as most factory mags. The edges are a little blocky and sharp compared to the factory mags.


Loading the mag was a chore- it took some finesse to get 13 rounds loaded. I let it sit a few days and tried again but still couldn’t get 15 rounds in. Not a big deal for my intended purpose- I typically practice shorter splits with more frequent mag changes. On to the range test!

The first time I inserted the mag it felt sticky- it tripped the mag release but when I pressed the release the mag didn’t drop out freely like every factory mag I’ve ever owned. That’s annoying- removing a little material from the right edges would probably fix it right up. Of course that’s assuming you own some finishing stones or a serious set of metal files. The big question- how does it hold up through a series of drills?

The actual operation of the magazine was the biggest disappointment. The first time I pulled it from my mag holster and loaded the Korean mag my slide jammed up. The mag actually slid up and seated so high that it blocked the slide from releasing. And it won’t release without assistance. Once I wiggled the mag into place it fed without problems- but it was going to be finicky to make the mag work. This isn’t even a typical malfunction to get me extra tap-rack reps.

The issue with the mag sliding into the action was too much for me- don’t buy these!! After this experience I really appreciate the fit and finish of the factory mags. My advice: spend the extra $15-20 and get mags for your Glock that will perform exactly like your carry mags.

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