Situational Awareness- what if someone takes fire?

Did you know that SEAL Team Six practiced the assault on Bin Laden’s compound in a mockup compound for weeks prior to the operation. Every team member knew what they were going to do and that’s why they were able to essentially shorten OODA loops to Observe-Act because Orient and Decide was already memorized. You don’t have to be a Navy SEAL to use this technique- it’s just a way to teach you’re self to take deliberate action and minimize the potential for freezing up under fight or flight stress. Look at how this Rob Pincus video demonstrates training for a scenario where an active shooter strikes in public and someone with you gets hit.

That behavior may not be your first instinct but it’s correct to do what must be done to stay in the fight- remember that there are no guarantees that the person behind concealment is going to avoid the next attack. 

  • Plan to toss a shirt , belt, whatever to wounded loved one but maintain concealment. 
  • If you haven’t yet, take some first aid classes and learn how to treat a gunshot wound.
  • From concealment can the shooter be located? Can the shooter be neutralized?
  • Maybe apply some cover fire to extract wounded from line of fire

We can achieve similar results as the SEALs through training and socialization without loved ones. Deliberate action in a time of fight or flight stress can make the difference between everyone surviving that situation role played above or everyone dying because they rushed to the aid of their injured loved one.



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