Modern Firearms Collection for $2500 – Part 3

Lately there has been some discussion across the interwebs on how to build up a pragmatic modern firearms collection. Utility and reliability across a broad range of applications and scenarios ranging from EDC (every-day carry) to WROL (without rule of law) are the criteria for the kR-15 edition of this list. The first item on this list is a compact frame pistol. Next on the list is a pistol caliber carbine and a 10/22 rifle. Those items come to about $1250 retail so where does the rest of the $2500 get spent? This post covers the last two items on the list: 

4. Modern Sporting Rifle like the Armalite-15

There are many reasons that AR pattern rifles are so popular:

  • they are easy to shoot and can be handled accurately by most users
  • the platform is extremely modular and versatile – it can be configured for nearly any application with minimal tools and technical expertise
  • If properly lubricated it will run and run – if you can’t perform simple occasional maintenance get an AK instead
  • it’s great for hunting- contrary to what senseless politicians say on TV the AR is a popular hunting rifle and is well suited too the task due to its propensity for precision
  • that same knack for precision makes this rifle a great choice for self defense (so long as you use the proper defensive ammo for your home)
  • Standard capacity mags for the AR platform are 30 rounds. If your state has outlawed standard capacity magazines please consider moving to a free state because that government doesn’t deserve your tax revenue.

Prices are gradually coming down after the seemingly endless panic buy that started with the re-election of the incumbent POTUS and the general realization that he hates the 2A and will do anything and everything he can to disarm the law-abiding citizens across America. So how much should you budget? Here is my breakdown:

Base rifle: $700

Flip-up sights: $200

If you go with a flattop rifle (which is more modular than its predecessors) I highly recommend starting with quality iron sights- not the plastic magpul ones but durable metal ones like MI or Troy. Get flip-ups in case you decide to add an optic. 

5. Pump-Action Shotgun

A shotgun offers a lot of versatility with a low buy-in. Mossberg 500 series or Remington 870 are excellent options. Both enjoy large user bases across the country and have a wide range of uses. You can use a shotgun for most game in North America – including birds. They also support a wide range of ammunition and are rather resilient. Although I prefer precision and accuracy, a shotgun can be very effective defensive weapon. Some shotguns offer interchangeable barrels for different applications- for example a slug barrel will have rifling to help a slug fly better while birdshot is best used with a smooth barrel and a choke to pattern the shot to your application. 

Remington 870 Express: $ 400

Mossberg 500: $350

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