Figure 8 Drill

Funker Tactical is quickly becoming one of my favorite YouTube channels. They offer a wide range of content and have distinctive instructors. Check out Ryan going over the Figure 8 Drill – it covers movement, rifle and transition to pistol.

These guys make this look really easy- notice how steady the picatinny rail cam is? That means that the rifle isn’t moving while Ryan is walking around the barricades. A few other things to note:

  • Ryan brings his pistol back to his workspace after he engages a target- this is perfect technique. The idea is to avoid extending your arms into isosceles until you identify a target. It makes weapon retention easier.
  • The Groucho walk is used by both guys into is drill- heel to toe as you go forwards and toe to heel as you go backwards
  • This drill optimizes different types of movement. Backwards movement while shooting is one of the most useful techniques to practice for the typical citizen.



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