Modern Firearms Collection Part 2: Pistol Caliber Carbine and 10/22

Lately there has been some discussion across the interwebs on how to build up a pragmatic modern firearms collection. Utility and reliability across a broad range of applications and scenarios ranging from EDC (every-day carry) to WROL (without rule of law) are the criteria for the kR-15 edition of this list. The first item on this list is a compact frame pistol. This post covers the next two items on the list: 

2. Pistol Caliber Carbine 

A pistol caliber carbine is a smart addition to any modern firearms collection. Buy it in the same caliber as your pistol and you only have one type of ammo but two platforms to choose from. The benefit is that you have a formidable defensive weapon with one of these- accuracy goes up, recoil is reduced- it’s easier to handle than a pistol or other modern sporting rifle. These rifles are simple and reliable and tend to run round after round. There just aren’t any serious negatives that come to mind here. If you go with something like a Hi-Point carbine (pictured above) you can get a new one with 2 mags for about $300. Bonus: they are fun to shoot.

3. 22 LR Rifle

A .22 rifle is a wise choice for lots of reasons. It’s inexpensive to shoot (even with inflated ammo prices) and useful at short to medium distances (0-100 yds). Before you jump tot he conclusion that it’s not a useful caliber, did you know that a popular choice among poachers in Africa is .22 rifles? It’s because the round is effective and pretty quiet compared to larger calibers. That’s a lesson that could be useful in a situation where you need to bag some small game for food but don’t want to draw attention to yourself. Lots of mall ninjas poo-poo the .22 LR round and say that it’s not powerful enough to do real damage. Yet no one wants to volunteer to walk downrange and take a 22 in the leg. The bottom line here is that the .22 is very useful- moreso for hunting than defense but that’s why this isn’t the only firearm in the collection.

Now that we weathered that rant what are good options for a .22 rifle? The Ruger 10/22 (a few of the many options pictured above) is an excellent choice. It’s an extremely popular rifle in the US and there are lots of options and customizations available. Once again the benefits of having a popular and common rifle are tremendous- low cost for upgrades and an abundance of replacement parts and accessories. The fun factor is also high with the 10/22- ask the future Mrs kR-15 if you don’t believe me. And this one won’t break the bank either- $300 should get you a 10/22 at most retail outlets.

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