Modern Firearms collection for $2500

 Lately there has been some discussion across the interwebs on how to build up a pragmatic modern firearms collection. Utility and reliability across a broad range of applications and scenarios ranging from EDC (every-day carry) to WROL (without rule of law) are the criteria for the kR-15 edition of this list. At the top of the list is a pistol:

1. Glock compact frame pistol : Gen 4 19 or 23  (retails for about $600)

Two popular options from Glock are the 19 and 23. Which one depends on your preferred pistol caliber 9mm or .40 s&w. It’s important to make a choice on caliber and stick with it- this will help you optimize any accessories you end up with and especially your ammo. More on this in the next installment.

Glock has done a magnificent job of crafting concealable pistols that can be handled with nearly the same level of accuracy and reliability as full size models. They are a tried and true performer trusted in the line of duty by countless law enforcement and military organizations around the world. Here are a few more reasons I recommend this choice of pistol:

  • Standard capacity mags: 13 or 15 round standard capacity plus these models support mags from their full size counterparts (15 rounds for .40, 17 rounds for 9mm). This is important because having enough ammo to defend yourself and your loved ones could make the difference between winning or losing a life threatening situation. Remember that under stress your performance declines- 
  • Generation 4 Glocks come with 3 mags from the factory. When it comes to critical contingency accessories like extra mags remember that 2 is 1 and 1 is none, so having 3 total means you have a reliable backup for the one in your pistol. Best practice is to use the factory mags as your carry mags and to purchase some designated practice mags for the range and practice (cheaper $10 knockoff mags are great for dropping on concrete while practicing).
  • The widespread popularity of Glock means that parts and accessories are abundant in the US. Being able to locate extra mags, holsters, spare parts and even ammo are important considerations if you want to be prepared for a wide range of situations. Most of the time this also means that you can find parts and accessories for a lower price. Ask anyone who owns an HK P30 how easy to is to find mags if you don’t believe me.
  • Reliability is another factor that to a point even nullifies the need for spare parts. Glock pistols don’t require much lubrication and have an excellent reputation for running and running after every conceivable torture test- even the rediculous ones. MattV2099 even baked his Glock into a cake, ran a brush through the bore and had the gun firing. 
  • Ease of use. Another factor behind is endorsement of the Glock platform is the ergonomics and simplicity of the platform. It’s a comfortable gun to shoot and has simple controls. There are two schools of thought on this: many people think a mechanical safety must be present (which Glocks do not feature) and the other mindset is that proper holsters and handling are sufficient. The second mindset is the one I prescribe to – everyone in my home knows and follows the rules for safe handling of firearms and a mechanical safety is one more thing to forget or fumble with in a defensive situation where seconds count.  

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