Travis Haley on Holdover and Sight Over bore


Travis Haley has a logical, straight to the point style of instruction. His techniques make sense and they are typically easy to understand. Take a look at his explanation of sight over bore height and how it applies to close quarters shots.

 Did you get all that? Let’s expand on this lesson to connect all the dots. To understand point of aim adjustments you need to have a general sense of your rifle’s trajectory (which varies by ammo type) and then need to translate that to adjusting your point of aim over or under the target. Also be advised that most trajectories follow an arc shape.

Here is a typical trajectory chart for the 5.56 – let’s focus on the example Haley uses which is a 50/200 yard zero (that’s right- the 5.56 trajectory crosses pretty much the same vertical plane at 50 yds as it does at 200 yds) for the optic and iron sights- the green line on the chart.

See how every trajectory stats lower than your sight plane (0 inches)? That’s because of the sight over bore height. So no matter what distance you are zeroed at close range shots require a point of aim that is higher than the target. This doesn’t change – always adjust the point of aim from the top of the rifle. The reason the other shots went left or right is because that’s the direction the rifle was turned. 

For 7 yards or less you can see that 2.5 inches is about right for the 50 yard zero. Travis takes it from a different direction – since a 50/200 zero is a widely accepted standard, iron sights and optics tend to use the same sight plane. Therefore,  measuring your sight over bore height should tell you how much holdover you need to use when adjusting your point of aim. Box this method in to close quarter distances and you can bank on it. 


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