Practicing Slide-Lock Reloads

Armed Defender took some time away from his LEO training to post this smoothly executed reload drill. I hope that's a dummy round that flies out of the action at the end.

It's fast but this is what you see happen:

  1. Begin from slide lock in your normal firing position
  2. Sport hand drops to your waist First- economy of movement adds up to speed
  3. As you bring the fresh mag towards the pistol drop the empty mag by activating the mag release with your fire control hand
  4. Send the new mag home- index your first finger up the side of the pistol as you lock the fresh mag into place
  5. Support hand moves to the top of the slide and racks the slide back to close the action and load the next round. Train for this method over using the slide release: under stress you will lack the fine motor skills required to operate the slide release.
  6. Support hand returns to fire support position

A note on safety: under no circumstances should anyone practice drills like this with live ammo or loaded mags in their pistol. Step 0 should always be to remove all live ammo from the training area.


2 thoughts on “Practicing Slide-Lock Reloads

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