How will you respond to a home invasion?

Recently I ran across Jarhead6 on YouTube- this video got me thinking:

Here are the key points he makes fortified with vitamins, minerals and my own commentary:

  • Have a plan and have a contingency plan- make sure you and your loved ones all know how to respond if an intruder is in the house. Also have a plan for what happens if you are injured. Walk through the plan together until everyone gets it right.
  • Always have a phone within reach- the 911 call record will definitely help you in court, but also know your local laws. This should be part of your plan- who is the designated 911 caller?
  • Having a first aid kit is important but it's crucial that each of your first aid kits include at least one quickclot – this technology has saved many lives around the world in both civilian and military applications. Bleeding out is one of the biggest risks of a knife or gunshot wound. You also may want to learn how to treat a wound while you're at it.
  • Have an appropriate home defense weapon and appropriate ammo in the weapon. Frangible rounds can easily penetrate the walls of a home, regardless of what the person selling that ammo will tell you. Understanding overpenetration and knowing what lies beyond your target in a home defense situation must be addressed before you're actually defending your home.
  • Once you choose your home defense weapon (note that it does NOT have to be a shotty even though many people like them) keep it ready to go- if you have to use it you won't want to have to do anything extra like rack a pump or a slide to chamber a round. That could make the difference between success or failure in defending your loved ones and your property because when things go wrong, they go wrong fast.


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