Safety Considerations for Home Defense

Choosing a home defense firearm is important. What about defensive ammo? Look at what Rich Graham shows us regarding residential wall penetration from a standard modern day musket:

If you plan to use a rifle for home defense purposes it's very important that you spend the time and money to acquire frangible ammo. If you plan to use a handgun be certain you have proper defensive ammo for home carry.

Remember: once you press the bang switch you own that projectile until it stops moving.

5 thoughts on “Safety Considerations for Home Defense

  1. mysticalraven

    Thanks for a great post which shows, very clearly, the implications of using an AR platform rifle in a home defense situation. I can’t tell you how many people tell me how “hot” they are to get an AR to use in the event of home invasion. I’ve tried to explain about bullet penetration but they just don’t seem to get it. Your video perfectly demonstrates that great care must be taken when choosing a weapon for home defense and the many things to consider. It’s not about the “flavor of the week”.

    1. k4R-15 Post author

      totally agree- knowing what is behind your target is of the utmost importance.

      Ammo is another factor to consider :over-penetration can be mitigated by using proper ammo – note that frangible projectiles don’t fragment when they hit drywall (even though your LGS may claim that’s the case) so you have to do your own research.

      Bottom line: you own every bullet that leaves your gun and are liable for that bullet until it stops.

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