What to make of the Starbucks non-ban ban

I have been conflicted over how to react to the Starbucks request that customers not bring firearms into their stores and also curious to see how others view the situation.

  • The Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex is gloating over their “victory” – despite the fact that Starbucks will not enforce this anti-gun request by posting signs on their doors.
  • Many 2A supporters have sworn to boycott the coffee siren
  • Still other 2A supporters are criticizing open carry advocates for provoking Starbucks into this situation
MCN makes some valid points- one of which leads to a summary of my feelings on this:
  • While I typically do not Open Carry I do recognize it as an unalienable right recognized by The Constitution
  • I also don't like to provoke the public into fear and in today's environment open carry can drive a lot of neutral parties away from the pro-2A side of this debate
  • For that reason I choose to continue to carry concealed. I support other law abiding citizens right to open carry. I would ask anyone who intends to open carry to make a political statement to carefully consider the outcomes of that activity- will it remind neutral voters that the 2A is a natural right or will it frighten those people and remind them to vote for an Anti 2A candidate?


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