Hollywood isn’t doing us any favors

MCN takes Sarah Silverman to task on her NRA-bashing with the sort of class you can expect:
Hollywood is not helping out the 2A with its wholly fictional portrayal of firearms in TV and film. The problem is that there are many low-information voters out there who actually do believe what they see on TV and in the movies. The falsehoods perpetuated by Hollywood are used by the Civilian Disarmament industrial complex to manipulate people into cheerfully surrendering Americans' inalienable rights- whether those applauding it exercise one rights or not.
A few of my pet peeves about the portrayal of firearms in entertainment include:
  • Firearms that never need a reload. Many people have irrational fears of firearms because they see actors discharge firearms for half a movie without ever reloading. This is a big reason for the myth of the high-capacity standard capacity magazine. Count the shots off next time you see a Hollywood firearm in action- it's astounding.
  • Full Auto is even more magical. Machine guns are not magical death machines. Far too often Hollywood depicts full auto weapons firing even more endlessly than semi-automatic weapons. A typical full auto firearm expends a standard magazine (30-50 rounds) in 2-4 seconds. That's it, then it needs a reload. Not to mention the complexities of muzzle climb or the tremendous amount of heat generated by a full auto burst.
  • Incomprehensible accuracy. Effective accuracy while moving is a difficult skill to learn and master, much less execute under fire. Yet we see throngs of actors effortlessly run through fatal funnels and shoot one handed, all the while dropping bad guys with single hits. This is pure fiction- and it makes the uninformed believe that a one with a gun is an instant Rambo.

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