Colorado should Only be the Beginning

This week's Recall election success in Colorado is an important event in the latest chapter of the fight to preserve American's unalienable rights. It was a bold statement that the Pro-Rights/ Pro-2A crowd will not stand idle as the Civilian Disarmament industrial complex tries to destroy this great nation.

Despite significant Bloomberg financial contributions informed and angry voters exercised their right to make their voices heard at the polls. However this did not affect the mindless gun control laws that erode the freedoms of law-abiding Coloradans and led to the relocation of employers like Magpul. The road to restore those fundamental, unalienable rights will require election of Pro-Rights politicians who will overturn those unjust laws and its a long and difficult road to overturn legislature.

That means that the best thing we can do to defend the 2A is to vote candidates who will not create gun control policiesno matter what lies are used to characterize them (“common-sense” and “gun violence” are the latest examples). The Colorado recall was a warning to the enemies of Liberty around the nation- but the fight is far from over. We have to be active in elections- midterm congressional elections and absolutely the 2016 Presidential race to ensure that the road to sweeping gun control expansion is difficult for elected officials.

Being active means more than simply casting your vote- it is up to all of us to recruit as many like-minded individuals as possible and ensure that they exercise their voting rights in an informed way. We can halt this assault on the 2A with our collective efforts but we need to remain focused and follow through with every possible effort at the polls to defend our rights.


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