Ammo Shortage Update


Interesting news yesterday – a colleague stopped by my desk at the cubicle farm to share a hot tip: our local Wal-Marts in about a 50 mile radius are getting ammunition shipments daily- even the elusive .22 LR bulk packs. Prices are also at familiar, pre-panic retail prices.

The downside: 3 box per person limit- but that's what we can expect to endure until a surplus returns to the land of brick and mortars- and the limit is the reason the shelves aren't picked clean by the first panic buyer who sees them.

After sharing this info with familiar faces at my LGS (local gun store) I heard some rumors on how this happened:

  • Both Wal-Mart and Gander Mountain are rumored to have funded additional factory buildings for large manufacturers like Winchester and ATK – in exchange for exclusive rights to the rounds produced by those facilities.

It's a good story- however I'm reluctant to believe it. The primary reason for my doubt is that a move like this should be big news. I can't find a mention of this online or on either company's corporate site. No corroboration= not true over here. If you have sources to confirm these rumors please post links in the comments section.

Also do your best to refrain from paying inflated ammo prices– it will help drive liquidation of the hoarder stashes that are paying high prices. There is no reason to pay $6 for a box of 50 .22 rounds.


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