Initial Impressions of my Chrony F1

Recently I decided to quit borrowing other people's chronographs and instead purchase my own.

A basic Chrony model F1 with a tripod costs about $100 from Amazon. With the optional pushbutton remote the F1 is capable of displaying the stats for several strings of 10 shots (either 6 or 10 if I recall correctly). You can either buy the remote from a retailer for $20 or make a simple remote with <$10 of supplies from radio shack.

I found that it was easy to use, worked great with my homemade remote and helped me capture solid data on my LilGun recipe for 220gr 300 BLK Subsonic handloads.

One note to other buyers: although the directions claim you don't need the sunshades over the top of the cameras on a cloudy day it's worth leaving them on all the time- on this particular cloudy day I had to aim really low to get readings from the 9″ barrel and ended up aiming more closely than intended…


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