Maintenance for your EDC

Earlier this week we covered maintenance for Glock pistols. What if your daily carry is not a Glock? My EDC is a Walther PPS. Can I expect the same maintenance guidelines? A quick look at the Walther forums comes up with a reasonable data point- the recoil spring is working a lot harder in the short PPS action.

I called Walther America several months back to get their recommendation on frequency of changing the recoil spring assembly in a PPS. The CS rep I spoke with told me that Walther recommends changing every 2500-3500 rds…

When first got my PPS I ran it hard- probably put 2000 rounds through it over the first 18 months. Nowadays I put a few rounds through it each week – typically 10 and never more than 25. According to that measure it's time for a spring change any day now and then another one in probably 5 yrs as I keep firing those few practice rounds each week.

Current EDC Drill

My goal for those practice rounds is to raise the gun and score 2 A-Zone hits in about 1 second. If I'm at the range where it's allowed to draw, I include a draw from concealed carry. Otherwise I just bring the pistol up into low ready. I typically do at least 3 reps like this and never stop before completing two in a row. Once this becomes easy it will be time to add complexity. Maybe smaller target zones or multiple targets- increasing speed and precision measures while maintaining accuracy standards.


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