Trijicon RMR – less than perfect

Last weekend I took my rifle out and my RMR was fully washed out- darkly shaded firing line and very bright outdoor range and I couldn't see the triangle downrange- it only showed up if I looked at the shaded ground or covered the sight. I suppose that's what they make iron sights for but it was disappointing.

At this point I'm not sold on the RMR as a primary optic- the dual illumination sometimes is affected by bright overhead lights and now by the shade on a bright day. What's the point of having no battery in your optic if it only illuminates part of the time? It may be the amber reticle but regardless the RMR can't hang with the Aimpoint T1 Micro. I like the 1:00 mount option shown in this video – maybe that will be the best use for my RMR. Also note that they filmed this on an overcast day…

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