A more affordable option for BLK optics

I found an interesting tip at 300BLKTalk recently- way back in 2011 someone did the math and confirmed that the trajectory of my personal favorite of the 300 BLK projectile options, the 220gr Sierra Match King (SMK), is nearly the same as a .22LR high velocity round. Check it out here or below:

Yes, you're reading that correctly- with a 50 yard zero there is a difference of about 3″ at 200yds between the two. Finding a 22LR scope with a drop reticle may not be easy but if you stick to subsonic ammo you could get a long life out of a $200ish scope on your BLK in the meantime save pennies for a nice ACOG with a lame old Crosshair of Death, reticle porn below:
What great mind at Trijicon decided to skip both the Doughnut of Death AND the Chevron of Death options??? Either of those is more Trijicon than the sideways X. I may have to actually look at an Elcan optic.


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