The pistol fundamental that put me on target

The skills required to effectively draw, present and operate a pistol can be difficult to master. If you develop bad habits along the way they can haunt you or even worse appear at times where you are under significant stress.

It is estimated that under the stress of a “fight-or-flight” situation your shooting skills degrade by 40%. That's the cumulative effect of tunnel vision, loss of fine motor skills, trembling from adrenaline and dopamine, and so on. To me this implies that it is important to strive for 140% of the skills I need to successfully defend myself if the occasion calls for that level of response.

The video above showcases the fundamentals of grip. Mike Hughes gives a solid overview of grip fundamentals for a modern striker-fired weapon system. Once I got my combat trigger technique to a workable state I needed one last element- support hand thumb resting on the receiver. Now the fundamentals are distilled to a checklist I can manage during training:
  • Strong control hand wrist- keep it straight
  • Support hand thumb pressing into receiver
  • See the flash for every shot
  • Never relax without first bringing the pistol back into my workspace

Try to distill the fundamentals into a 4 or less item checklist for your exact needs. The list will evolve over time – that's ok. Just keep at it and build on each fundamental as you master it.


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