Barricade Drills- Using Concealment

How often have you fired your carry gun from behind a barricade? Maybe a better question is how often do you practice using concealment? If you haven't ever tried, watch the Trident Fitness video and pay attention to the rookie mistakes Rich Graham points out. Skills like this look really easy until you try them. Thoughts after watching this video:

  • Although it might work I disagree with the 'stepping out' approach. I will never forget how it worked out for these guys.
  • The 'weight shift and hand transfer in your workspace' drill is smart. You're practicing natural queues to shift your focus to that side- that should help ingrain a neauromuscular response.
  • It was good to see the live fire drill mixing up the levels each time the shooter went right or left. Unpredictable random patterns are the goal.
  • If you act in a predictable way the bad guys are now inside your OODA loop– and will likely be waiting for you to appear. Practice your OODA mindset- try to use it in every competitive situation you can. You may be surprised at how useful it can be.

2 thoughts on “Barricade Drills- Using Concealment

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