First Bowling Pin Shoot

Last weekend I attended my first bowling pin shoot. It was great fun and I can't wait to attend the next one. The name of the game here is to clear all 5 pins off the table.

I used the trusty G22 for my first table and brought out my BLK (with a STANDARD CAPACITY 30 rd mag) for a round too. I highly recommend giving this a try- its not as easy as it looks. Other thoughts:

  • Point of aim should be the middle of the pin- too high or too low and it will flip over and then roll around on the table until you can score a really precise hit to roll it off.
  • When firing my pistol I quickly noticed that the narrow target wasn't hinting at the location of missed shots- I had to quickly assess and adjust my mechanics to get on target. This is a training scar that could be real trouble if you carry it into a gunfight.
  • The pressure of time and an audience always degrade my skills (I always want to go too fast). Compete more often in new environments to get smoother under pressure.
  • Need to learn a pre-draw distraction/relaxation/focus tactic to set my mind to task for competitions.
  • Practice different pistol positions when you drill slidelock and tactical reloads– when pointing my gun up for a slidelock reload the SO was not happy. Another training scar identifed…
  • Great people at this event. Everyone was friendly and I'm considering joining their club because it seems low-drama and the facility is pretty nice
  • Gotta hand it to the ladies- check out how easy they made this look:


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