Do you practice mag changes?

If you carry a pistol that has 15 round mags odds are you won't ever need to reload in a defensive situation. If you compete in any sort of practical shooting, like IDPA, you will need to reload during some CoFs. Also if you live in a state where Tyranny has arrived (NY, MD, CA, CO) your elected officials have made it more difficult to defend yourself by limiting mag capacity in your are- in some cases as low as 7 rounds.

If you live in one of these states it's time to start training for the tactical reload. If you have to stop 3 aggressors in a home invasion attempt and following standard practice you double tap each threat that = 6 rounds. Factor in degradation of your motor skills due to extreme stress and your insurance policy gets awfully thin. I want more insurance than that for my own family's safety. Let's say I do exceptionally well in that scenario and land 2 out of every 3 shots upper center mass (the A zone) — now 3 shots x 3 threats = 9 rounds…

Armed Defender Academy shows some good technique in the video above. While the different gun positions are debatable the core takeaways here are:

  • Dry fire practice of this will help you train you neuromuscular pathways to ingrain this into instinct
  • Search and assess- keep feeding that OODA loop
  • Make all movements and activities smooth and efficient- search and assess while executing the reload for example
  • Tactical reload are preferred if you can manage the round count and threats to get to that spot- the round in the chamber not only saves you the extra movement of racking the slide home but it also gives you insurance if a new threat emerges during the reload


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